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Neue Mitte

Constructing a district center with a clear-cut identity

The 'Neue Mitte' project, which sets out to give the district’s center a clear-cut identity, is an important core project with a long-term focus which forms part of the integrated redevelopment approach for Social City Unterliederbach-Ost. It has been listed in the Integrated Action Concept since the City Council passed the relevant resolution in 2003. S.K.A.T consortium teamed up with Speer & Partner (2000/1) to develop an urban master plan for the design of ‘Neue Mitte’. It formed the basis for the construction plans tabled by Scheffler & Partner architects.

In 2004 the City Planning Department carried out a peer review for the redesign of ‘Neue Mitte’. Four landscape architects participated in the competition, which was won by Dittmann + Komplizen. The City Planning Department recommended that the design be taken as the starting point for further development and implementation.

The ‘Neue Mitte’ project is subdivided into two parts: In conjunction with the new construction work carried out by Hellerhof GmbH the plan is to create a new link that will extend east-west between the district’s prominent routes and thus extends today’s Chattenweg. At the intersection there will be a public neighborhood plaza, with a perimeter framed by residential complexes (height: 3-4 stories, builder: Hellerhof GmbH /ABG). The buildings will need to be completed before construction of the plaza can commence (as of 2013). East of the plaza, the site formerly owned by the Federal Institute for Property Administration (BImA) is earmarked for a public park that will run as far as Teutonenweg in an effort to create more green spaces in the district.  

"Neue Mitte" green zone

The purchase agreement on the acquisition of the land for the planned ‘Neue Mitte’ green space was concluded the end of 2010. The sale of the property was a sine qua non for construction of the park. In 2011, the planners took the proposal by Dittmann + Komplizen as a basis for the design and implementation planning, which was coordinated with the ‘Social City’ Advisory Committee and the relevant departments in question. In 2012 the plans were implemented in conjunction with the City’s Greens and Parks Department. 

The 4-meter-wide esplanade that culminates in a small square near Teutonenweg is the centerpiece of the new park. The grounds on either side of the esplanade have been designed to cater to a variety of uses: The north boasts flowerbeds and a climbing zone for kids, while the south of the park is embellished with carefully sculpted lawns arranged among the ancient tree population. The park can be accessed via Cimbernweg and Teutonenweg, and via Chattenweg down the road.


  • Plaza at the end of the green, © Freischland+Holz
  • Climbing Park after completion, © Freischlad+Holz
  • View of the green zone of the district plaza, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
  • View from southwest eastwards, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
  • Riverside promenade, view eastwards, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
  • Inauguration, Neue Mitte Green Zone 2012, © Freischland+Holz

"Neue Mitte" neighborhood plaza

The “Neue Mitte” neighborhood plaza (Gepiden Forum) that extends along Chattenweg, together with the “Neue Mitte” green space, forms the heart of the new district. The plaza is enclosed by residential complexes (social housing) of three and four storeys high. Following completion of the structures on the plaza, construction work proper commenced in spring 2014, together with Hellerhof GmbH as developer. Today the plaza and greened area form a coherent zone: the new centerpiece of the district.
The concept by Dittmann + Komplizen landscape architects provided the basis for the design. In the course of advancing things further, plans were adapted to reflect on-site conditions and became eligible for implementation. In conjunction with these changes the opportunity arose to relocate the above-ground old transformer station at the entrance to the plaza (Alemannenweg) and erect a modern substation on the northern edge of the square in its place.
The plaza boasts a tranquil and honest design that respects the walls defining it. A gently rising flight of stairs with elongated steps bridges the height difference at the entrance to the plaza on Alemannenweg. A ramp provides barrier-free access not only to the plaza but also to the first house in the southern row of buildings. Design elements have been consciously placed to accentuate the spatial layout of the plaza and maximize the quality of leisure-time activities. Space-enhancing elements (copses arranged in a line / widely spaced out deciduous trees / grassy mounds to provide links with the green space) lend the plaza, which can be used for temporary events, a high quality appeal. The red concrete seating elements under the trees serve as an attractive eye-catcher.
The result of the “Neue Mitte” project: an urban, high-quality plaza with attractive features that will no doubt encourage youngsters and senior citizens to make their district more of a vibrant center.

  • Fun on the plaza, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
  • Impressions of the plaza at night, © LA Dittmann+Komplizen
  • Design detail: seating element made of red concrete, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Mai
  • Zoning: transition area northside, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Mai
  • View of the district plaza from the green zone, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
  • Center of the plaza with the adjacent green zone, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main