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Construction Phases

Overall the project was completed in three phases. Upon completion of the makeover a new toilet facility will be separately installed in 2014.

First construction phase

Buchrainplatz, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

The first construction phase began in October 2010 with the introduction of two-way traffic on the northeast of Offenbacher Landstrasse and a one-way street on Wasserhofstrasse. The taxi ranks on the west of Wehrstrasse were moved and the disabled parking space by Oberrad market moved to eastern side of Offenbacher Landstrasse.

Extensive work on gas and water pipes as well as street lighting cables, moving overhead cable masts, renewing the streetcar track bed, and building roads and paths to the southwest of Offenbacher Landstrasse were focal points of the first stage.
Introducing two-way traffic on the newly constructed southwest section of Offenbacher Landstrasse marked the conclusion of the first construction phase.

Timeframe: The construction phase was completed in July 2011.

Second construction phase

The second construction phase concentrated on work on the future center of the plaza, such as digging up the old roads, laying cables for the traffic lights and street lighting, and building roads and paths at the intersections with Wehrstrasse and De Neufville Strasse, the latter as the work laying cables at De-Neufville-Strasse was finally completed.

Timeframe: July 2011 until September 2011.

Third construction phase

The work to be carried out in the third construction phase heavily depends on the weather, especially during the winter months.
Construction work in the third phase commenced in October
2011 with the demolition of the old supporting wall and construction of a new one and a pergola in the north of the plaza, with a tower crane erected for the purpose.
At the same time the platforms of the streetcar stop were being renewed. The stop was moved to Offenbacher Landstraße for the duration of the work. The new stop was opened on August 8, 2012.
As a result of structural problems with the streetcar tracks the work carried out by NRM Netzdienste Rhein Main (responsible for maintaining the distribution network of Mainova energy supplier) on the gas and potable water network extended over a longer period of time.
In December 2011 the triangular area in the south was leveled, topsoil was applied to the surface and the trees envisaged in the planning planted along the road. In spring 2012 grass seed was put down and the rosebushes and hedges planted.
Three subsurface bottle banks were installed between the park and the taxi rank and are now in operation.



In July 2012 the pergola was completed and a row of trees planted on the western edge of the market square. After that the eastern section of the plaza was leveled and the market area paved. Paving work on temporarily graveled sections was completed between April and June 2013. The new furniture includes the renovated gardener’s pump, several benches, garbage cans and pergola lighting. General lighting on the plaza has also been installed.


The new traffic lights and pedestrian crossings were put into operation on August 2, 2012. All crossings are fitted with haptic signage for visually impaired people (grooves and studs in the pavement).

The new toilet facilities

The new toilet facilities will be independently installed and operated by the municipal properties office (public toilets section).