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Ernst May district

Legal zone planning

Masterplan, Urban development plan


Alongside technical aspects, preparatory studies must determine whether the legal conditions for conducting a development measure in accordance with section 165 paragraph 3 of the German Building Code (BauGB) are in place.

In this context the City assesses whether the measure does indeed need to be conducted in order to ensure the community’s well-being as regards the provision of housing and work, along with the subsequent need for basic public amenities. Here, the willingness of those affected by the measure to play an active role in the process is important role. It must also be verified whether, provided the measure is conducted swiftly, development of an area is in fact possible and the financing of the measure is secured. Depending on the outcome, other planning tools must also be used.

With regard to the zones:

  • Housing to the north of Günthersburgpark – (“Friedrich garden center”)
  • Friedberger Landstrasse/South of Wasserpark – (“Innovation quarter”)
  • Friedberger Landstrasse/East of Bodenweg – (“East Atterberry”)

the above-mentioned criteria for applying a development measure are not met. For these areas development can therefore be conducted on the basis of contractual agreements with the real-estate owners or their authorized representatives. Where necessary, the approach must also involve setting up a corresponding project company in line with the objectives of the urban development and landscaping master planning.

The legal basis for building permission as needed for the above-mentioned zones will be established through legal zoning planning and sectoral legislative procedures:


Legal zoning plan draft no. 858 – Housing to the north of Günthersburgpark 

The legal zoning plan procedure no. 858 – Housing to the north of Günthersburgpark – which was begun in 2008, will be continued. The legal zoning plan is intended to create the conditions necessary for developing an attractive residential location here once the land is no longer used as a garden center. Along Dortelweiler Strasse the development will take its lead from the existing buildings and there will be public access to Günthersburgpark from the site.

Legal zoning plan draft no. 880 – Friedberger Landstrasse/South of Wasserpark

Konzept Günthersburghöfe, © tobeSTADT, Stefan Bernhard Landschaftsarchitekten, Kölling und Voigt Architekten

The legal zoning plan has been drawn up with a view to laying the legal basis for planning permission for a new residential quarter on the site south of Wasserpark on Friedberger Landstrasse. In this context, land will be secured for another school in the Nordend district on Friedberger Landstrasse. Furthermore, so as to guarantee that the commercial zone is fully integrated in the zone as a whole and to enable a limited amount of housing, the planning law relating to the area north and south of Hungener Strasse will be amended accordingly.

A status plan was compiled that forms the planning basis for legal zoning planning procedure no. 880 – Friedberger Landstrasse/South of Wasserpark. It shows the developed, sealed, and greened areas. The areas of greenery are depicted in different ways according to usage. The defining trees and woods were mapped and evaluated. The types of tree are listed in the plan.
This status plan was also included with the tender documents for the urban design and open space planning ideas competition – Friedberger Landstrasse/South of Wasserpark (innovation quarter) and is available to those taking part in the competition.

Ideas competition

The City Planning Department has organized an ideas competition for the area covered by the legal zoning plan. On June 23, 2017 during an interactive session with citizens combined with the early participation of the public in the legal zoning planning procedure, six companies presented their initial plans and concepts, and discussed them with the citizens. Suggestions, wishes, and constructive as well as critical comments about the planning ideas were noted and will be considered in the further processing of the design ideas.

Legal zoning plan draft no. 914 – Friedberger Landstrasse/East of Bodenweg

The legal zoning plan has been drawn up with a view to laying the legal basis for planning permission for housing on the site east of Bodenweg on Friedberger Landstrasse which will serve to buffer the “New Atterberry” residential quarter to the west against noise pollution. In this context and in line with Federal government’s updated plans for widening the A 661 interstate, the currently valid boundaries between areas of greenery and traffic zones will be adapted in accordance with planning law.