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Development plan procedure

The City of Frankfurt passed the resolution to establish development plan no. 830 “Südlich Sonnemannstraße - Europäische Zentralbank” on November 8, 2001.
The urban planning masterplan was devised in connection with the competition held by the ECB for the redevelopment of the former wholesale market site for its new premises.

The key planning objectives are:

  • Preserving the listed building that used to house Frankfurt’s wholesale market as well as key visual references;
  • Maintaining a maximum building height of no more than 200 m and a maximum gross surface area of approx. 200,000 sq.m. for the redevelopment including extensions;
  • Improving traffic flow on Hanauer Landstraße by creating a second entrance to the premises on Eyssenstraße in addition to that on Sonnemannstraße – the City’s proposal hinges on there being a new bridge over the Main that is an extension of the existing Honsellbrücke bridge; in addition to linking up the ECB this will ensure sufficient transport links, too;
  • Continuing the greenbelt connection between Sonnemannstraße and Ruhrorter Werft that extends parallel to Deutschherrnbrücke bridge as a wide public green band complete with pedestrian and cycle paths;
  • Extending the public Mainuferpark on the upper wharf of Ruhrorter Werft, including the listed cranes and a café on the top of the embankment as part of the makeover;
  • Creating visual and design references between public and private open spaces.
Panorama shot, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

The city administration and authorities were involved early on in the planning parallel to the ECB´s optimization phase in fall 2005. At a meeting held on May 30, 2006 the development plan proposal was made available at an early point to the public for review and discussion. The development plan proposal has since been adopted on the basis of the planning established during the optimization phase. After the City Council at a meeting held on February 1, 2007 passed the resolution to publish the plans, the development plan proposal was made accessible to the public from February 21 to March 21 at the Technisches Rathaus in accordance with section 3 (2) Baugesetzbuch, the German Town and Country Planning Code. Comments and opinions were invited during this period. Administrations and authorities were involved in the planning parallel to the citizens’ participation. The City Council reviewed and decided on the comments and proposals received and adopted the resolution in a public meeting on October 4, 2007. The legally binding development plan (Project B830) can be viewed using the planAS information system.

Area covered, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main