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"Social City" Consultative Council

New local committees - The "Social City" Consultative Council

In order to include the residents in the “Social City” program on a permanent basis, a concept for a “Social City” Consultative Council was drawn up and implemented in collaboration with the Consultative Local Council 6 in 2003.

The “Social City” Consultative Council is a committee that gives local residents the opportunity to become actively included in the ‘Social City’ redevelopment process. Authorized by Frankfurt Municipal Council resolution on March 29, 2004, it comprises 11 residents and 10 representatives from institutions, associations and initiatives. The Consultative Council’s constituent assembly took place on April 28, 2004. The Rules of Procedure were adopted on the same day. A new Consultative Council shall be elected every two years and its composition confirmed by the Municipal Council.

The Consultative Council is a platform for ideas residents and those in office in the district to exchange ideas and opinions. Its duty is to represent the interests of the neighborhood, and as such the interests of the residents in the ‘Social City’ redevelopment area. It discusses and adopts recommendations on projects and measures initiated in the Integrative Action Concept (IHk) and on projects that come under the aegis of the annual ‘Social City’ funding application. The Consultative Council completed its work to coincide with the end of the ‘Social City’ period on December 31, 2012.

In 2012 the Municipal Council joined forces with the ‘Social City’ Consultative Council to formulate a concept that would redefine the work of the Consultative Council. The idea was to keep the public discourse on the future development of the area alive and to continue strengthening the residents’ involvement in the design of the quarter, even following completion of the renewal process. So-called neighborhood talks thus commenced in 2013. These were prepared by the Unterliederbach Neighborhood Association (nU) and set up with the support of the district management. Many members in the Consultative Council are also active in the Neighborhood Association, meaning that their experience and expertise can be drawn on to the benefit of the new system.