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Memorial at Frankfurt’s wholesale market
- two-phase competition

Reason for and objective of the competition

Competition area, Kartengrundlage: Stadtvermessungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

The City of Frankfurt intends to erect a memorial in close collaboration with the European Central Bank (ECB) and Frankfurt’s Jewish Community. Situated directly adjacent to the site of the former wholesale market hall, the memorial will keep alive the memory of the more than 10,000 Frankfurt Jewish citizens, who were assembled in this place before being deported to the concentration camps.
The objective of the memorial will be to remind us of the historical events, provide information on them and thus keep the memory of the systematic genocide of the Jews as attempted by Nazi extermination policy alive.
The historical facts of the deportations will be researched and the findings presented in detail at the City of Frankfurt’s Jewish Museum, where they will be made available to the public.

Competition procedure

The international competition was held in the form of an “open competition” in two phases. Architects, landscape architects, urban planners, urban designers, artists and students from these disciplines were invited to participate. For the second competition phase, a total of 100,000 was offered for prizes and commendations.

Competition area

Mustering room, Foto: Rüdiger Voerste, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

The site in question, which covers an approx. 450m-wide green area that runs north to south between Hanauer Landstraße and the Main, and in the south curves to join the Main embankment for some 150 m, forms part of Frankfurt’s greenbelt and Mainuferpark.
Included in the competition but situated outside of the specified competition area and thus not freely accessible are two additional features on the ECB new premises. These are the deportation mustering room in the basement of the former wholesale market hall and a ramp leading down to it.

Control tower, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

Somewhat further south are the railway tracks to the loading bay; they converge in a track ramp. It is here, from the small control tower on the opposite side, that the switches were set for the journey to the extermination camps.
The memorial is intended to explain and illustrate what happened in this place. At the Jewish Museum, the historical facts of the deportations are being carefully researched and the findings made available to the public by way of a permanent exhibition.