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Alt-Sachsenhausen support program

The Alt-Sachsenhausen master plan is designed to strengthen the quarter’s residential qualities. A support program to this end was launched in 2001 to provide investment incentives for the implementation of the objectives set out in the urban master plan and the color scheme. Under its terms, property owners in the development area have been able to apply for grants for the refurbishment and modernization of apartments, and for the conversion of bothersome hospitality facilities into apartments or non-intrusive commercial premises.

The following measures are eligible for financial support:

  • Installation of a heating system,
  • Modernization of electrical installations,
  • Modernization of water supply and drainage systems,
  • Modernization of the windows, especially if this will improve insulation and/or sound protection,
  • Roof repair or replacement,
  • Installing a bathroom with a toilet,
  • Renewal of the paintwork on the façade as per the color scheme
    and to enhance the quality of the residential environment
  • Removal of hard concrete surfaces in backyards and other open spaces and introducing green areas there.

In general, the allowance is 20 % of the investment made, but not more than 127,822.97 and is subject to a minimum investment of 10,225.84.

The grant increases by up to 5,112.92 if the paintwork on the façade is in line with the masterplan color scheme, which includes proposals for each one of the around 120 houses, with shades varying from one building to the next. In this way, each house will have its own distinct facade, which nevertheless blends in well with the neighborhood, enabling pedestrians to experience the small-unit structure of the buildings as they pass along the facades in the individual lanes.

Should repair and/or modernization work be part of a conversion measure, i.e. , transforming the use as a hospitality facility into a residential use, grants increase by a max. of 15,338.76.

A total of 69 properties of the approx. 120 houses in the old center of Sachsenhausen have already been modernized under the terms of the color scheme in the master plan. Applications for subsidies can be made to the Urban Planning Dept. or to the consultant architect, Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Caspar Schön, by phoning +49-69-611034.

Photo of a row of houses in Sachsenhausen, color shades for facades according to the color scheme, © Caparol