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Open-air gallery along Fechenheimer Leinpfad

Fechenheimer Leinpfad is one of the key gateways to the district. It is here that many residents and visitors arrive and depart by streetcar. There are in total three stops in the Fechenheim town center. Now that the embankment of the River Main has been given a facelift (the project received funding from the City) the character of the entire area has been markedly improved. On the downside, following the enhancement the unsightly quality of the walls and façades facing the River Main embankment, the majority of which is untreated or defaced by graffiti, became all the more obvious.

Open-air gallery along Fechenheimer Leinpfad, Entwurfsskizzen, © Klaus Puth

In 2013 the team at Das Kunstbüro was commissioned with a design masterplan for the embellishment of the walls and façades on the Leinpfad. From the overall concept presented, the wall at Arthur von Weinberg Steg streetcar stop, which is approx. 40 meters long, was selected as the pilot project. Following detailed discussions within the Local Partnership, the members agreed on the following decoration: a color scheme in black-and-white or reduced colors, impressions of life in the quarter, caricature style. With this brief Das Künstlerbüro went to search for a suitable artist, and eventually decided on Klaus Puth. Prior to implementation, Mr. Puth’s proposals were once again discussed by the members of the Local Partnership. From mid-March 2014 onwards, the wall was given a new coat of plaster and whitewashed to prepare a kind of “canvas” for the painting. In a first step of the process, which took four weeks overall, the contours were outlined in black and the picture subsequently completed step by step. Many interested residents seized the opportunity and glanced over the artist’s shoulder as he worked on the painting and exchanged a few words with him. The result is an illustrated panorama that has close links to Fechenheim, indeed the one or other Fechenheim local claims to have spotted himself in the picture. On July 2, 2014 Frankfurt’s first open-air gallery was officially inaugurated. In his address Mayor Olaf Cunitz praised the district’s activities as exemplary. There are plans for further artworks following the idea of the open-air gallery.