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Open spaces for elderly people

Enlivening public areas through new open spaces

A nice spot for all, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

The motto of the “Open Spaces for Elderly People” project is “designing using all the senses”. A connecting and eventful design created different open spaces, which appeal to the various senses (sight, hearing, smell and taste) and interests (chatting, resting, moving, being active and relaxing) of elderly people and can be used in several ways. In addition to being attractive places in their own right, the new open spaces are also intended to encourage different generations to mingle.

With the senior citizens’ club involved, in 2005-2006, together with the landscape architect Harms Wulf and the City Parks Department, a total of seven projects were conducted. These were financed with funding from the Social City program.

Letting the world go past, picture: Freischlad+Holz, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

What’s new? (Engelsruhe kiosk plaza)
The plaza was divided into three sections: An area with plants facing to the houses on Alemannenweg, a hard-surfaced kiosk forecourt, and a resting zone facing the road with benches, flower beds, and an advertising column. A medium-high hedge cut in the shape of a box borders the kiosk plaza, which is a pleasant place to stop for a while.

Watching the World in Peace (the expanse of greenery between Engelsruhe and Cheruskerweg)
Circular seating was installed in the partial shade of old linden trees, from which it is possible to observe the activity in the park. Spiral-shaped paving adorns the plaza. From the semi-circular bench there is a view of small raised bed with flowering shrubs which is framed by artistic sandstone slabs.

Games for Young and Old (play street on Cheruskerweg)
A boule area and a play zone for small children provide space for games for young and old.

Garden of Tranquility (the expanse of greenery at Cimbernweg/Teutonenweg)
Set back from the road and beneath tall beech trees, circular seating was installed that is framed by woody plants and scattered ferns and shrubs providing shade. A slab of stone featuring a bird bath entices birds and insects.

The sanctuary, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

A Plaza to Catch Your Breath (Rugierstraße)
This seating offers those making their way home from the bus stop with heavy shopping bags a welcome opportunity to catch their breath and have a short rest.

A Stroll through Greenery (path through the allotment gardens)
A circular trail through the allotment gardens is intended to make going for a walk attractive. The first section running as far as the cemetery is finished. Along the way, arched trellises with climbing plants and bedding plants encourage passers-by to stop. A shelter with seating offers protection from the rain and shade if it is sunny. The second section as far as Teutonenweg will be completed when “Zirkuswiese” is redeveloped. For the moment a track leads to Teutonenweg.

Plaza for Everyone (circus)
The quaint old plaza was remodeled and made into an attraction for young and old alike. A diagonal path divides it into two halves.
The northern half is surrounded by a bench and a hedge, and is a pleasant place to linger. Roses and shrubs adorn a raised bed in front. Under the motto “Germanic roots” the southern half of the plaza was laid out as an adventure playground for small children. In terms of what it offers the playground takes up the names of the surrounding streets in the district. Every year a neighborhood party is held on the “Plaza for Everyone”.