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Cooperative apartment construction in Gotenstrasse block
Multigenerational dwellings

In 2008 together with Bauverein Höchst und Umgebung the City Planning Department hosted a peer review for the Gotenstrasse block. Five planning firms participated in the competition for a high-quality concept featuring new small-parcel dwellings that would emulate the style of the existing houses on the estate and surrounding buildings in terms of height and volumes.

In the course of planning, the winning concept by Baufrösche architects and urban planners (Kassel) was amended to suit the changed requirements of the cooperative, and its economic feasibility assessed. The idea: top-quality dwellings that will complement the existing urban fabric and provide affordable residential space (8.50 – 9.00 euros/square meter).

The project was ready for construction in 2012. The quality of the new residential buildings is similar to that of the existing dwellings, but they offer a contemporary take on the familiar features. As with the established structures, the new dwellings on Gotenstrasse will be three stories high.

View: Town houses on Gotenstrasse, © Architekten und Stadtplaner Baufrösche, Kassel

The new three-story complex on Chattenweg with spacious wraparound balconies on the courtyard side and barrier-free apartments is intended to form a link between the compact buildings on Königsteiner Strasse and the town houses on Gotenstrasse. A versatile leisure space concept (including plots for allotment gardens, free spaces for community activities, gardens for the ground-floor apartments, and balconies for upper-floor apartments) serve to provide a versatile array of uses.

Illustration: View of the courtyard, © Architekten und Stadtplaner Baufrösche, Kassel

The project comprises 52 apartments of different sizes. There will be underground car parking. Flexible apartment configurations will enable residents to adapt their homes to changing requirements in different stages of life in a bid to facilitate multigenerational dwellings.

The realization of the project through Bauverein Höchst und Umgebung will impact positively on the development of Unterliederbach as a quarter. The apartment buildings were completed in the first quarter of 2015.