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Creating new links in the district and enhancing the urban fabric

Links between Rugierstrasse / Sossenheimer Weg

Pedestrian network after completion, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main


In conjunction with the ‘Your City Close at Hand’ project, a new short-cut link was established by extending Alemannenweg southward in 2009-10. Cutting through the long residential block between Rugierstrasse / Sossenheimer Weg, the center of the estate is now connected directly to the ‘Grauer Stein’ day-care facility for children and Walter Kolb comprehensive school. The new link was part of the urban masterplan for the Social City Unterliederbach zone and responded to the wish expressed by the district’s residents when plans were still on the drawing board that such a short-cut be provided.

After the routing had been defined and the availability of the affected property sections established, the City teamed up with Wittich landscape architects (Frankfurt/Main) to develop a design concept; this formed the basis for the technical implementation planning (Büro Privat / Friedrichsdorf) in 2009.

The new link was completed in 2009-10 and duly inaugurated. The bituminous surface has a light finish of natural stone granules. A section with a low wall, which is flanked by a wild cherry tree, runs in the center of the path: The island is bordered by a jasmine hedge to separate it from the surrounding gardens. A wire-mesh fence has been incorporated in the center of the hedge to prevent trespassing to the allotment gardens. The east side of the path has been designed with a galvanized steel fence to provide orientation. The new route is illuminated by five streetlamps. The name ‘Ambronenpfad’ was adopted in line with a recommendation tabled by the Local Consultative Council.

District entrance at Teutonenweg

Situation before redesign, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

Once work on the new grocery store and residential complex on the site formerly known as Zirkuswiese (Sossenheimer Weg / Teutonenweg) was complete, in 2011 the entrance to the ‘Engelsruhe’ estate at the lower end of Teutonenweg was redesigned to enhance the overall urban fabric. To this end, the City of Frankfurt purchased a strip of land (approx. 10 meters wide) east of Teutonenweg. The plans drawn up by Frankfurt’s Wittich landscape architects formed the basis for the makeover and inspired all further design and implementation planning down the road.

Entrance at Teutonenweg after completion, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

A 2.40-meter-wide illuminated footpath cuts through the new green. Lawns with old and new trees extend on either side of the path. There will be two seating areas with benches flanked by fragrant shrubs. On the edge abutting the grocery store’s car park the entrance will be accentuated by a hornbeam hedge that at 1.50 meters high will obscure the parking cars. Around the townhouses a continuous galvanized steel fence will denote the border between public and private spaces.