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Makeover of Arthur Stern Platz


Public space


Representation in the project map (German)

Reason for the planning measures
Its high levels of traffic makes the station in the Rödelheim district of Frankfurt/Main one of the busy LRT stations inside Frankfurt’s city limits. The station, and by means of an underpass it also links the two parts of Rödelheim, no longer met the requisite standards for an efficient, safe transport facility accessible to all segments of the population. Based on Resolution 1820 passed by the City Council on May 3, 2007, Rödelheim station was expanded and modernized. With the station having been made barrier-free, its forecourts now need to be restored. Construction of the new platforms was followed by the rebuilding of the underpass, with spacious steps and ramps on both sides. The result is an attractive and safe link between the two sections of the district. The completion of Baruch Baschwitz Platz to the east considerably enhanced the station’s appeal. To its west it was only a few years ago that the decisive breakthrough came, and this formed the basis of the urban development plans for legal zoning plan no. 878. The main feature of the plans: an urban plaza to the west of the station that not only features bus stops but also fully functions as a vibrant city plaza.

Planning area
The planned plaza will be located to the west of Rödelheim LRT station, namely between the entrance to and exit from the station, and Breitlacher Strasse. The construction work will cover an area of approx. 4,200 square meters.

Planning objective
Redesigning Arthur Stern Platz will create a new urban plaza, that will in turn restructure the flow of traffic in the vicinity of Rödelheim station and improve bus/rail changes. The makeover will also augment the station’s appeal and considerably improve the overall surroundings. The design of the planned public plaza boasts an integrated guidance system for people with disabilities, and the pleasant ambiance is emphasized by the very many trees and benches, as well as sufficient cycle racks. Moreover, with its open space it will provide a venue ideal for a weekly market and for staging other events.

Project flow
The modernization of Rödelheim station in Frankfurt/Main is a joint project undertaken by the City of Frankfurt, Deutsche Bahn AG, and the regional transport association RMV. The total cost amounts to € 14 million. The financing is composed of revenue from car parking charges, grants from central government and the Federal State of Hessen, as well as funding from RMV, Deutsche Bahn AG, and the City of Frankfurt. The makeover of Baruch Baschwitz Platz and Arthur Stern Platz forms part of the overall “Schöneres Frankfurt” program.
Construction work on the station began in 2009, whereby LRT services were not affected by the work. The new underpass was built at the same time as the new platforms. A pedestrian link between the two parts of the district was possible at all times. Work on the redesign of Baruch-Baschwitz-Platz began in February 2013, and is completed.
Depending on urban development work and the building construction taking place on its perimeter, construction work on Arthur Stern Platz to the west of the station is expected to begin in 2017.

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Project management

Ms. Barbara Glatz

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