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Redesigning the Fechenheimer Kleedreieck

"Kleedreieck" Fechenheim, as seen from Willmannstrasse, © raumwerk

The enhancement of the northern gateway to the Fechenheim Energized Town Center, known as the “Kleedreieck”, is closely bound up with the structural development of the adjacent properties. The plots of land, the majority of which are brownfields owned by the City, are earmarked for residential and commercial buildings. In addition, the unbuilt and unused green space offers excellent potential for new developments in the spirit of upgrading the town center. In the past, there have been attempts by several investors to introduce new developments, however none of the proposals made it past the planning stage.

"Kleedreieck" Fechenheim, view of Alt-Fechenheim, © raumwerk

The planners at Büro Raumwerk performed two development studies on behalf of the City. Alternative I is based on maintaining the public green in its present size and situation. Alternative II includes the green in the structural development and therefore allocates public spaces in relation to the new development. The two alternatives were subject to the same specifications, examples included accounting for existing public parking spaces in a car park, examining the range of different types of housing, and expanding retail premises to an economically viable scale.

"Kleedreieck" Fechenheim, birds-eye view of the plaza, © raumwerk

The site in question can only be restructured and redeveloped in agreement with the neighboring property owners, who have been involved in drawing up the two alternatives to this end. In view of restructuring measures, the property at Alt-Fechenheim 72 was purchased using funds from the scheme. The outcome of the debate on the two alternatives held in the district, in the Local Partnership, and in the town administration was that Alternative I should form the basis for implementation. In conjunction with the realization and the search for an investor, further details are currently being fine-tuned and supplementary studies prepared.