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Structural concept underpinning planning permission

The structural concept underpinning planning illustrates the potential distribution of land uses in the zone and serves as a bedrock for the development plan, presenting the essential planning features.

In the future, those existing companies that wish to continue operating here will be situated in commercial zones. By stipulating restricted-use commercial zones, which only permit activities that do not impair the quality of residential life, it is hoped that apartment buildings can be feasibly located in the direct neighborhood. To our present knowledge, today the majority of commercial outlets in question would already qualify for such a restricted-use commercial zone. The intention here is to define the structure of these commercial zones, potentially including the adjacent areas, based on an expert study assessing noise emissions from the existing companies and facilities. This is currently being completed. According to an expert report on odors (already completed) the zones to the east of the company that makes grinding disks should be kept clear from residential developments due to likely odor formations. The central area is large enough to accommodate extensive retail outlets. As a welcome side effect, this helps maintain the distance to the residential structures as required in the above expert survey on odor emissions.

The development zone ends with a mixed-use area to the west and east. Mixed-use areas have likewise been chosen to round out the development along the new underpass on account of increased traffic volumes in connection with the City-West complex. While the mixed-use zones in the northeast serve as buffers to the Fermont freight company and the rail tracks. The zone’s definitive structure will be determined on the basis of the expert report on noise emissions that is currently being completed. The surface areas of these mixed-use zones will provide ample scope for the distribution of residential units and other suitable uses that are not in conflict with residential requirements and in accordance with the requirements stated in the BauNVO (German Land Use Ordinance).

As illustrated in the noise emission analysis conducted for the previous development plan proposal, the noise emitted by rail traffic (Frankfurt West-Rödelheim LRT line) did not as such call into question the siting of a residential area north of the LRT tracks. The plan is to conduct a detailed examination based on the urban development proposal in question.

Unbuilt areas for public use will be realized as parks and green zones. Only in the central area, adjacent to the local amenities, the intention is to create a generous public plaza for leisure and recreation.

The required child daycare facilities can be integrated as part of the central green strip, alleviating the need for specially allocated communal zones. It is expected that these care facilities will be realized through urban development contracts.

Plots will be allocated in close agreement with the development plan proposal made available for public inspection in 2009.

Structural concept as at July 2013, © Stadtplanungsamt, Kartengrundlage Stadtvermessungsamt Frankfurt am Main