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Traffic concept

The area will link up to the main road network in two places:

  • in the south at the intersection of Ludwig Landmann Straße and Heerstraße,
  • in the north at Praunheimer Weg and Dillenburger Straße/Erich Ollenhauer Ring.

The main access route is also part of the Praunheim by-pass. By the commercial area space in the middle of the main access route will be reserved for the extension of the U6 light rail transit system and for the western regional ring road (RTW). In the meantime alterations have been made in place to the route of the RTW outlined in the sketch. At the moment the final course of the RTW is still being investigated.

Apart from by the residential section on Heerstraße the access roads in the area are all 17.50 meters wide. They all have parking strips on both sides. There are cycle paths on the carriageway.

So as to prevent “rat run” traffic, what is currently the end of Schönberger Weg will be cut off from the road network. The “Steinbacher Hohl” road will not have regular access to the Praunheim by-pass.

On account on a company’s operations being sensitive to vibrations there will be another interruption to the road network on the southern cross link between the extension to Ludwig Landmann Straße and Stierstädterstraße. Passing trucks could cause considerable disruption to the operations and production. The interruption will be lifted as soon as the production no longer requires vibration protection.

Overview: traffic concept, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

Regular cross section of the access roads

Standard cross section of the access roads, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main