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Why a masterplan?

The skyline as an extraordinary urban feature distinguishes the City of Frankfurt from other European metropolises. Some 50 tall structures that are over 50 meters high are concentrated in downtown Frankfurt. The demand for high-quality, centrally located office space continues to be strong and further high-rises are on the drawing boards. Users, the majority of which are financial services institutions, increasingly endeavor to give their high-profile buildings a stronger presence at night, too.

Upon closer examination it transpires that given the overall effect when viewed from a distance, the illumination of just a single high-rise greatly impacts on the city’s overall nightscape. Thus high-rise illumination has a reach which potentially goes far beyond the original positive intentions and thus needs to be subjected to responsible rules and regulations in the interest of the city as a whole.

To this end, the City of Frankfurt commissioned a joint group consisting of B.A.S. + Conceptlicht to develop the “Banking District Lighting Masterplan”, which examines all aspects relating to illumination and puts forward an idea for what the entire banking district should look like at night. It proposes a strategy that inter-relates public space illumination, architecture, building illuminations and neon advertising in a new way. The masterplan points up the shortcomings of the city’s nightscape and uses this as a basis to develop objectives and recommendations for the future illumination of the city.

Evening view of the skyline, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main