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West of Rödelheim train station - Breitlacherstrasse

Urban development plan, Office space, Commercial site, Residential space



Reason for planning
As part of the efforts to create wheelchair access to Rödelheim train station, Baruch Baschwitz Platz square will be given a fundamental makeover and the bus stops on the western side of the train station rebuilt. To date, the bus stops are inconveniently located between the back of the present supermarket building and the railroad tracks – hardly an urban planning highlight. Now all privately owned land is held by parties who are in a position and willing to team up with the City of Frankfurt to enable a fundamental restructuring of the western side of the station area.

Development district
The relatively small zone extends from Westerbachstraße to Glashüttener Straße in the north. In the west it is bounded by Breitlacherstraße and in the east by the railroad embankment. To this day the shape of the parcels of land largely reflects their former use by the railroad. Even though the tracks to the west of the platforms have now been removed, among other things because of the plots’ peculiar shape the real estate thus freed up cannot be used in a manner consistent with its central location.

Planning objectives
The realignment will correct major shortcomings in the urban fabric: A generous public plaza will extend west of the underpass exit in the future. The present supermarket (local amenity) will be demolished and a larger replacement erected further north. Located at present between the present supermarket and the rail tracks, the bus stops will be relocated to the new plaza. The realignment of the western zone of the station complex will positively impact on the structure of Rödelheim as a whole: The provision of centrally located local amenities will be secured long-term. West of the tracks a high-grade public space is being designed that will strike a balance with Baruch Baschwitz Platz in the east, meaning that the bond between the quarters situated to the west and east of the tracks is for once being strengthened.

Planning progress
On June 8, 2010 a public event designed to involve the local citizens in the planning at an early stage was held in the Cyriakus Parish civic center. Some 100 citizens attended in order to find out about the planning. On September 2, 2010, the City Council adopted the resolution to establish development plan no.
878 - Westlich Rödelheimer Bahnhof - Breitlacherstrasse. For detailed information please see M 92 2010 in PARLIS. On May 22, 2014 the municipal authorities adopted the resolution to establish planning (see section 4598_2014). With the publication in the official gazette no. 30 of July 22, 2014 the development plan has now come into force.


NB: A working panel was established at the initiative of Consultative Local Council 7. The design for the town square was presented on April 9, 2013 at a meeting of Consultative Local Council 7. You can find the plans below as PDFs.