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Frankfurt’s new district in the northwest

Between the skyline and the Taunus hills – affordable housing in a well-developed district all of its own

Preparatory studies

View southwards across the area under study © City Planning Department City of Frankfurt/Main

Beyond the districts of Nordweststadt and Praunheim, and to the west of the A5 interstate,
the new district in the northwest of Frankfurt will see one or several urban quarters
developed catering to 25,000 to 30,000 inhabitants. The idea is to meet the growing demand
for housing in the medium to long term and in this way make certain that future generations
will also be able to live in Frankfurt, or indeed move to the city.
The main objective of the urban planning is, through affordable housing, to create homes for
people of different ages and with different financial resources. The ratio of subsidized
residences will be at least 30 percent of the total. To ensure that a diverse range of forms of
housing is available, groups of developers and cooperatives will also be involved. Moreover,
parks, plazas, schools, nurseries shops, sport and leisure time facilities will make the quarter
a pleasant environment to live in.
The A5 interstate bisects the area in question and causes noise pollution. Both impacts must
be countered by adopting appropriate planning means. Noise protection and green bridges,
also as partial covering of the interstate, are topics to be investigated.
Plans for the Regionaltangente West (RTW), a new LRT line in the west of Frankfurt, the
existing LRT line to Friedrichsdorf (S5), and the possibility of extending the existing U6
subway line beyond the Praunheim / Heerstrasse stop to the new district all provide an
opportunity to prioritize public transport strongly over private cars from the outset, and to test
new mobility concepts.

Contact partner(s)

Herr Antonius Schulze Mönking

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Ms. Sabine Guttmann

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