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Umgestaltung und Sanierung eines Quartiersplatzes

Public space
District: Local district:
Size of area:
Innere Platzfläche 6.000 Gesamte Fläche ca. 10.000
Project management:

Ms. Maike Wollmann
Telefon: +49 (0)69 212 34075
Telefax: +49 (0)69 212 30731

Project description

Reason for planning

At the planning workshops in 2009 and 2011 on the topic of Bruchfeldplatz, the residents of the Niederrad district were asked about their wishes with regard to upgrading the plaza. The main issues transpired to be a wish for the green middle to be enhanced with water elements, for attractive play areas, and for a café on Bruchfeldplatz to serve as a meeting point at the heart of Niederrad.

These plans for Bruchfeldplatz, which constitute a project in the “Making Frankfurt More Attractive” program, will see a large proportion of the citizens’ wishes turned into a coherent concept.

In December 2018 Traffic, the municipal coordination group, agreed to the transport-related aspects of the plans for Bruchfeldplatz. The next step will be the approval in spring 2019 by the Frankfurt City Executive of the preliminary plans submitted.

Development area

The development area embraces Bruchfeldplatz and the surrounding roads, including the forecourt of the Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel on the southern side, as well as the public land in front of the parish hall and the adjacent toiletries store on the southern side of Bruchfeldstrasse.

Planning objectives

The intention is for today’s Bruchfeldplatz with its marvelous old trees in a central location in Niederrad to become a popular, citizen-friendly and attractive meeting place for all the generations.

The new plaza will enhance the potential offered by the area of greenery and link the latter with the wishes the citizens expressed at the 2011 planning workshop. It will integrate into a green middle and the urban plaza directly adjoining Bruchfeldstrasse.

Two children’s play areas, one for older and one for younger children, a water element and extensive wall seating as well as colorful, diverse shrubs, grasses, and flowering plants will be attractions of the green middle.

The plan also envisages a café acting as a magnet for the urban plaza and make it an attractive meeting point in Niederrad. It will be home to the weekly ‘Saturday market’ and small district festivals.

Most of the large trees standing will be preserved and serve as a frame for Bruchfeldplatz. In October 2018 some small trees close to Bruchfeldstrasse had to be felled to make way for containers to temporarily accommodate children’s center 122.



Project progress

In 2011 a planning workshop, at which ideas for the advancement of Niederrad and for Bruchfeldplatz were developed together with citizens, marked the beginning of the Bruchfeldplatz project. The citizens also expressed to the representatives of the municipal authorities their wish for a café to be built on Bruchfeldplatz.

Following a lengthy break in the proceedings, in 2017 the project was once again included in the City Planning Department’s assignments. At an information event in spring 2018 the current planning concept was presented to citizens.

As of 2019, probably for a period of two years, Bruchfeldplatz will serve as the location of temporary accommodation for the childcare center on Kelsterbacher Strasse in the Mainfeld settlement. During this time a new nursery will be built there. Parallel to this, open space planning for the redevelopment will continue. Once children’s center 122 has moved into the new premises on Kelsterbacher Strasse, Bruchfeldplatz will be redeveloped, if possible immediately.