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Redevelopment of Bruchfeldplatz

Public space
District: Local district:
Size of area:
inner space 6,000 sq. m.
total area about 10,000 sq.m.
Project management:

Ms. Petra Kanamüller
fone: +49 (0)69 212 35856

Project description

Reason for planning
The predominantly green square in the heart of the Niederrad district has aged somewhat. The plaza was designed and fitted out in the 1970s, and no longer does justice either to how citizens wish to use it today or to its importance due to its location in Niederrad or even to the need to adapt to climate change.
The objective of the redesign is therefore to upgrade the plaza such as to offer all age and users groups an attractive district square that enables people to meet, spend time, play games, enjoy relaxing, while also offering better links to the adjacent school, church, and retail outlets. Alongside the make-over of the outdoor areas, a neighborhood café (something the citizens expressly desired) will be located on urban side of the plaza facing Bruchfeldstrasse, functioning as an important social space and crystallization point for the local citizens.

Planning area
Bruchfeldplatz is clearly framed on its west, north, and east sides by buildings, and opens to the south onto Bruchfeldstrasse where the St. Jakobus parish church stands directly opposite. The adjacent streets and the church forecourt on Bruchfeldstrasse have been factored into the redesign work. In the North Bruchfeldstrasse section, the new plans take into account the adjacent future building for the planned KGS Niederrad school, which will itself openly embrace the plaza.

Planning objectives
The objective behind redesigning Bruchfeldplatz is to upgrade the existing green heart of Niederrad and strengthen its central location and importance such as to do justice to the citizens’ wish for an attractive central plaza for their district. Today’s Bruchfeldplatz with its in part superb old trees in a central position in Niederrad will morph into a citizen-friendly and attractive neighborhood meeting place across all the generations. Aspects of adapting to climate change will take center stage in the ongoing planning concept for the outdoor areas. Here, the existing potential for greenery will be enhanced and coupled with the citizens’ desire for attractive playgrounds and a neighborhood café on the square. The makeover plans for Bruchfeldplatz can be subdivided into three areas:

  • A shady, calm space beneath the old avenue of linden trees in the north
  • The green heart with a variety of playgrounds and mobility facilities for all age groups
  • The urban side facing Bruchfeldstrasse with the planned neighborhood café and a shady jewel of a plaza boasting the existing old trees where people can enjoy leisure time
The rhizospheres of the trees of the existing avenue of linden trees in the north as well as all the other existing trees will be durably stabilized. New trees will be planted, above all supplementing the routes along Kniebisstrasse.

The café on the southeast edge of Bruchfeldplatz will become the new attraction, and a place where people meet, greet, and chat, and thus assume key neighborhood functions for the Niederrad district.

Project progress

2023–24: Design and implementation planning for the outdoor concept, preparation and realization of a competition for the building measure for the neighborhood café on the square

Sept 2022: City Council resolution no. 2210 approving the preliminary planning tabled

2019 to 2023: temporary use of Bruchfeldplatz as a provisional home to Childcare Center 122

March 2020: Presentation on vote on the preliminary planning by Local Advisory Council 5

2019: Revisions made to the preliminary planning

Spring 2018: Information event for local citizens on the preliminary planning concept

2017: After the position was filled, the project started up again

2011: Poll of citizens ideas in the context of the Niederrad planning workshop

Februar 2011: Inclusion of the project in the More Beautiful Frankfurt program as per Ciyt Council resolution no. 9523 (M19)