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2015 Residential Land Development Program

Europaviertel residential development district, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

The Residential Land Development Program (RLDP) documents and manages the advances made with regard to land earmarked for residential use. It covers all plots of land that can potentially be used for in excess of 50 residential units and for which planning law has to be established, such as drawing up a zoning plan for example.

Developments on the residential land listed in the 2015 RLDP is at different stages of implementation. Before they are made available for construction, as a general rule these plots pass through the following phases: exploration, legal planning, land use and development. To this end, the RLDP forecasts the chronological sequence in which the land will become available for building purposes, in other words, the point in time at which individual residential building projects receive building permission.

In view of the existing need for housing, as well as on account of the time needed for preparing land for development, additional potential land must be developed. By means of Resolution 3061 “Long-Term Strengthening of the Frankfurt Housing Market” dated April 25, 2013 the City Council resolved, among other things, “to move the Residential Land Development Program as a comprehensive plan for developing further residential land forward”.
The submission to the municipal authorities entitled Residential Land Development (M 9 dated January 17, 2014) envisages the development of further potential residential land. Where not already part of previous RLDPs, this potential was included in the 2015 RLDP.

2015 Residential Land Development Program - section taken from the general map, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

A new feature of the 2015 RLDP is that for plots of land which are at a very early stage in the exploration phase and for which no volume of residential units has been specified an estimate is given for the potential volume of residential units to be built. To this end, the general densities shown in the Regional Land-Use Plan are adopted. In addition, we rely on standard values to estimate the year in which the land will be made available for building purposes (three years for legal planning, two years each for land use and development).

The City Council passed the 2015 RLDP on March 20, 2015 (City Council Report B 117 dated March 20, 2015). The 2015 RLDP lists all of the 44 plots of land which together offer potential for 22,780 residential units.
Those areas that are potentially subject to Seveso II restrictions are not considered here. A potential total of 3,180 residential units can be realized in these areas as soon as the relevant conditions have been put in place, for example through the use of new technologies. In addition, there is potential building land in zones included in the 2011 RLDP that is now fit for building but where, however, no construction work has commenced to date. These areas could be used to build 2,310 residential units.

Time availability of residential land - section taken from the general map, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

The procedure for providing residential land is concluded as soon as the basic conditions are in place for building permission to be granted (building law, land use and development). Land already fit for development is not covered in subsequent reports by the RLDP, which is published every two years. In a move to include these plots of land in the presentation and place them in chronological order, for the first time the 2015 RLDP features an additional map, “Time Availability of Residential Land”. It indicates the different stages of readiness for construction of the above-mentioned sites that can be potentially used for residential purposes. For ease of reading they have been divided into four different stages of development.


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