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Hanauer Landstrasse – Area round the former Neckermann grounds

District: Local district:
Size of area:
32.2 hectares
Project management:

Mr. Nils Ruf
fone: +49 (0)69 212 49529

Project description

Reason for planning
In the wake of mail-order business Neckermann discontinuing operations in 2012, the need arose to lay the foundations in planning law for reorganization and development of the grounds in urban planning terms. Associated with this is the subsequent use of the former Neckermann mail-order headquarters in line with the requirements innate in its heritage listing.

In the context of the expansion of the LRT network on the north side of the River Main, the plan is to establish an LRT station directly to the north of the area covered by this land use plan. The planned station is part of a plan approval process destined to lay the foundations for extending Ernst Heinkel Strasse northwards across Hanauer Landstrasse and the rail tracks as far as Orber Strasse. This results in functional interfacing with the planned Fechenheim Green Belt and the sustainable Fechenheim North commercial park.

Development area
The land covered by Land Use Plan no. 895 – Hanauer Landstrasse: area around the former Neckermann grounds – is located in the district of Fechenheim and totals some 32.2 hectares. It extends across parts of the former Neckermann grounds on both sides of Hugo Junkers Strasse and northwards, from Hanauer Landstrasse no. 477 through to no. 505. The area in question is abutted to the north and west by the rail tracks for the port railway. In the east, it runs along Ernst Heinkel Strasse, and in the south along Adam Opel Strasse.

The area covered by the plan features mainly industrial/commercial and primarily large-volume buildings. In addition to warehouses and commercial halls, there are also single or two-story utility buildings as well as an 11-story residential and commercial tower, Hanauer Landstrasse no. 497. The built structure is heterogeneous and functional.
The grounds of the former mail-order corporation Neckermann, following its bankruptcy in 2012 and a change in ownership, are now largely used for commercial purposes, with warehouses and storage areas reflecting the characteristic usages of the site today. There are also under-used spaces and vacancies. To the north of Hanauer Landstrasse, alongside warehouses and commercial halls there is also a DIY store, workshops, and other commercial usages as well as housing.

Planning objectives

The design of the land use plan is intended to secure the area’s function as a commercial and industrial park going forward, in line with the Commercial Real Estate Development Program. Moreover, within the area in question, a section suitable for computer centers is to be developed. This includes subsequent uses in line with the heritage listing requirements of the Egon Eiermann Building, which has been vacant since the bankruptcy of mail-order corporation Neckermann back in 2012.

The land use plan will lay the foundations under planning law for the urban-planning-driven reorganization and development of large parts of the former Neckermann grounds within the vicinity of the planned LRT station on the LRT line running along the north side of the River Main. In the section to the north of Hanauer Landstrasse, the 2011 Retail and Centers concept means that large-area retailing of the sort that could constitute centers will be impermissible.

At present, the stipulations under planning law are not uniform or aligned. The intention is to standardize them and secure a green belt running from Fechenheimer Wald to the planned Fechenheim Green Belt.

Another objective behind the land use plan is, in line with the UVF’s Landscaping Plan, to reduce the scale of sealed surfaces within the section that is industrial/commercial in character in order to boost greenery overall in the land covered by the plan. In addition, in the section of west Hanauer Landstrasse, the road space will in part be widened by straightening its line with a view to accommodating the additional tree-planting requirement