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Current projects

On the following pages we provide a cross-section of projects that are currently ongoing in Frankfurt. We hope that among them you will find the information you are looking for. Should you have any further questions or wish to receive more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact the respective municipal officials or get in touch with us directly using the City Planning Department’s contact form.
Our annual PLAN.WERK publication gives you a complete overview of the wide range of activities at the City Planning Department. It is available for purchase
directly from the City Planning Department or online.

You can search for the projects shown here by category or district.



Municipal bus depot © City of Frankfurt
Housing, Schooling
Bockenheim, Gallus

Am Römerhof / Zum Rebstockbad

Development of a mixed-use quarter with the emphasis on housing and a school.

Status: 25.08.2023 More
Visualisierung 1 © Büro Bierbaum.Aichele.Landschaftsarchitekten, Mainz
Public space



The plan is for a popular, citizen-friendly and attractive quarter meeting point for all the generations to arise on today’s Bruchfeldplatz with its marvelous old trees at the very heart of Niederrad.


Status: 21.09.2023 More
Rendering of the Dreikönigskirche square – bird’s-eye perspective from the northwest © Harald Neu Architekt und Städtebauarchitekt BDA, map based on City of Frankfurt Surveying Office
Public space, Illumination concept

Designing the Dreikönigskirche square and illuminations

The Dreikönigskirche forecourt on the Sachsenhausen bank of the Main river is being given an appealing new look as a church forecourt as part of the More Beautiful Frankfurt program and in a manner appropriate to the listed building. The church’s special position within the silhouette of the city directly opposite the cathedral will be emphasized by illuminating tis facade, ensuring this important cultural monument is also distinctive at night.

Status: 15.09.2023 More
View of Höchst castle from the River Main, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Urban revitalization, Commerce

Downtown Höchst Support Program

A masterplan was approved for Höchst in conjunction with a support program. The intention is to highlight the opportunities for urban development and stimulate the revitalization of the district.

Status: 31.08.2023 More
Autobahn 661 at the junction with Friedberger Landstrasse, © Krebs und Kiefer
Preparatory studies
Bornheim, Nordend-Ost, Seckbach

Ernst May district

The urban planning and landscape planning framework for the Ernst May district presents opportunities for the development of new residential areas and an extensive green corridor.

Status: 21.03.2023 More
Fechenheim town center, © Nassauische Heimstätten
Urban revitalization

Fechenheim - Vibrant Centers

Under the motto of “Creative center – urban life –free space”, the plan is to preserve and refine the town center’s unique and distinctive characteristics.

Status: 25.01.2023 More
Aerial view of Fischerfeldviertel, © City of Frankfurt Planning Dept.
Housing, Commerce, Offices

Fischerfeld and Allerheiligen District

In both the Fischerfeld and Allerheiligen districts, new development plans are destined to secure and advance housing.

Status: 20.07.2023 More
Angled aerial photo of the planning area; © City of Frankfurt Planning Dept.; aerial photo: City of Frankfurt Surveying Office
Housing, Offices, Gastronomie, Einzelhandel

Former Police HQ and the Matthäusareal

Urban redevelopment and development of a mixed-use urban quarter with a high residential share in a central, inner-city location.

Status: 05.07.2023 More
Agentur des städtischen Wandels: Mach Mitte! © Stefanie Kösling
Experimentelle Stadt

Frankfurt Downtown Post-Corona

The pilot project addresses the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. And sets out to identify innovative, exemplary processes that can make the city more resilient.

Status: 14.07.2023 More
Günthersburghöfe ©Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Urban development draft, Housing, Commerce, Offices

Friedberger Landstrasse / South of Wasserpark

A new quarter is to be built to the east of Friedberger Landstrasse and south of Wasserpark featuring perimeter blocks, future-viable mobility facilities and various types of urban greenery.

Status: 16.08.2023 More
Gwinnerhöfe ©Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Commerce, Industrie, Housing


Sicherung gewerblich und industriell geprägter Bestandsflächen sowie Weiterentwicklung des Standortes zu einem nachhaltigen Gewerbegebiet unter dem Leitbild ‚Grün statt Grau‘.

Status: 06.09.2023 More
Headquarters on the former Neckermann grounds © City of Frankfurt Planning Dept.

Hanauer Landstrasse – Area round the former Neckermann grounds

Planning law for urban restructuring and development of the area round the former Neckermann gronds and post-use of the former Neckermann mail-order HQ in line with heritage listing requirements.

Status: 15.07.2022 More
Luftbild Industriepark Griesheim © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Urban development draft, Commerce, Industrie, Rechenzentren

Industriepark Griesheim

Der Industriepark Griesheim erwacht wieder zum Leben – durch eine umfangreiche Neuentwicklung aktuell untergenutzter Flächen.

Status: 06.04.2023 More
Rendering of Wilhelm Leuschner Strasse, copyright Collignon Architektur, Berlin
Urban development draft, Hotel, Offices, Housing


In the course of modernizing the hotel, the existing building will be supplemented by offices and apartments on the sides facing the street, and a public pathway will cross the grounds.

Status: 25.08.2023 More
Example of added stories in Frankfurt (Fritz Kissel estate) ©City of Frankfurt Planning Dept. (Frida Ludwig) © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Nachverdichtung, Housing
Ginnheim, Dornbusch, Eckenheim, Preungesheim

Managing higher densities in the ‘Mid-North”

Redevelopment of existing settlements dating from the 1950s to 1970s is intended to exploit the potential for the swift creation of affordable housing.

Status: 13.09.2023 More
Städtebaulicher und freiraumplanerischer Ideenwettbewerb Mertonviertel/Nördlich Lurgiallee – 1. Preis: Ansicht zentrale Grünfläche © TELEINTERNETCAFE Architektur und Urbanismus GmbH, Berlin mit TREIBHAUS Landschaftsarchitektur, Hamburg und c/o Zukunft - Stadtplanung und Stadtentwicklung, Hamburg
Urban development draft, Housing, Commerce, Offices, Schooling

Mertonviertel – Nördlich Lurgiallee

Ein neues Quartier im Frankfurter Mertonviertel – Nördlich Lurgiallee.
Grundlage für die Planung ist das Ergebnis eines städtebaulichen und freiraumplanerischen Ideenwettbewerbs.

Status: 16.08.2023 More
Luftbild mit Geltungsbereich, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Kartengrundlage: Stadtvermessungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Urban development draft, Housing

Nieder-Eschbach South

Land currently used primarily for agricultural purposes is to be turned into a residential area.

Status: 04.04.2023 More
Aerial view with scope of the development, © City Planning Department City of Frankfurt/Main, map basis: City Surveying Department, City of Frankfurt/Main
Urban development draft, Housing

Nieder-Eschbach – Am Hollerbusch

The objective is to obtain planning permission for a general residential area on plots of land
occupied by two plant nurseries.

Status: 24.07.2023 More
Fechenheim Greenbelt, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Urban development draft, Housing

North of Dieburger Strasse

Development plan no. 698 aims to establish the legal foundations for the orderly development of a new residential and mixed-use area.

Status: 11.09.2023 More
Aerial photo of the zone in question , © City of Frankfurt Planning Dept., status: March 2021
Urban development draft, transportation infrastructure

North of Lorscher Strasse

A new home for the bus depot currently situated at Römerhof in order to be able high-level expansion and maintenance of Frankfurt’s bus services.

Status: 04.07.2023 More
Rendering of the new plaza for the quarter, proposal designed by: © tobeStadt/WGF Nürnberg
Urban development draft, Housing

Northeast of the Anne Frank Development

The planning law basis for the creation of a new residential area is to be laid for the area northeast of the Anne Frank Development.

Status: 27.07.2023 More
Blick nach Süden über den Untersuchungsraum, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Preparatory studies
Niederursel, Praunheim

Northwest Frankfurt – A new urban quarter

The city council has decided on the preparatory studies for the area "Frankfurt Northwest". Within the framework of the project, 8,000 to 12,000 apartments in various forms can be built here.

Status: 20.09.2023 More
Der Kopfbau Haus A an der Platenstraße nimmt im Erdgeschoss zwei Ladeneinheiten auf und hat zwei Durchgänge zum Innenhof, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Urban development draft, Housing, Nachverdichtung

Platensiedlung Nord

Extension of Platensiedlung Nord by adding floors to the existing buildings as well as new buildings but also commercial use along Platenstraße.

Status: 10.01.2022 More
Umgestaltung Bolongarostraße © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Public space

Redevelopment of Bolongarostrasse

The redevelopment in terms of design and function of the historically important link road is destined to restore the quality of the public space.

Status: 09.03.2022 More
Hilgenfeld urban development ideas competition – 1 st prize: View of the central district plaza © Thomas Schüler Architekten Stadtplaner, Düsseldorf with Faktorgrün Landschaftsarchitekten, Freiburg
Urban development draft, Housing
Frankfurter Berg

Residental district north of Frankfurter Berg

There are plans to build a new residential area to the north of the developed district of Frankfurter Berg. The plans are based on the result of an urban development ideas competition.


Status: 08.09.2023 More
Aerial photo of the planning area © City of Frankfurt Planning Dept., aerial image courtesy of City of Frankfurt Surveying Dept.
Schooling, Housing
Nieder-Eschbach, Bonames

Site for Gymnasium Nord high school and a new elementary school

Site for Gymnasium Nord high school and a new elementary school


Status: 14.09.2023 More
Social City Nied © City Planning Department Frankfurt/Main
Urban revitalization

Social City Nied

The "Social City" funding programme is designed to enhance the quality of housing and life in Nied, to improve the district's image, and moreover to encourage local recreation and relaxation.

Status: 03.07.2023 More
Row of shops, Ben Gurion Ring 52-58 © City of Frankfurt Planning Department
Urban revitalization
Bonames, Nieder-Eschbach

Social Cohesion Ben-Gurion-Ring

As part of the “Social Cohesion” program, the major “Am Bügel” housing estate on Ben Gurion
Ring in the north of Frankfurt will be upgraded and transformed to create an attractive quarter
with a positive aura, where it is a pleasure to live.

Status: 11.09.2023 More
Social Cohesion Sossenheim © City of Frankfurt Planning Dept.
Urban revitalization

Social Cohesion Sossenheim

The “Social Cohesion” support program is destined to improve the quality of life and housing and develop the district with a view to the future.
Improving the quality of life and housing in Sossenheim.

Status: 03.01.2023 More
Blick in Richtung Süden, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Urban development draft, Housing

South of Am Riedsteg

Planning permission is to be obtained for a residential zone that will combine various accommodation types to cater to a wide range of members of the population.

Status: 20.04.2022 More
Visualisierung Städtebaulicher Entwurf © Nassauische Heimstätte / Instone Real Estate
Urban development draft, Offices, Commerce, Housing

South of Rödelheimer Landstraße

The commercial estate, which is currently in the process of transition, is set for rezoning. The objective here is to create a modern residential estate while reflecting the needs of established businesses in the area.

Status: 12.03.2023 More
"Hellerhöfe", Ansicht Mainzer Landstraße  © Schmidt Plöcker Architekten BDA
Housing, Schooling

Südlich Frankenallee / Hellerhofstraße

Entwicklung eines innerstädtischen, nutzungsgemischten Stadtbausteins mit Hochhaus und Schulstandort.

Status: 25.08.2023 More
The Westend Synagogue, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Public space

The Westend Synagogue

The plan is to redevelop and enhance the roads around the Westend Synagogue. The intention is to create pleasant surroundings while also integrating the security features.

Status: 28.06.2022 More
Photo: "Kaiserstraße at the heart of the Bahnhofsviertel district", © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Urban revitalization, Housing

Urban redevelopment in the Bahnhofsviertel

The goal: to augment the “Bahnhofsviertel” as a residential district, to improve the overall urban design, and to enhance the diversity of usages in the quarter, which is characterized by turn-of-the-20th-century buildings.

Status: 12.08.2022 More
View of Omega Bridge and Waldschulstrasse © City Planning Department, City of Frankfurt/Main
Urban revitalization

Urban redevelopment of Central Griesheim

Central Griesheim is a district that has grown over time, in which different epochs and the development they experienced have all left traces.

Status: 09.05.2022 More
Platz an der Staufenmauer  Teaser ©City of Frankfurt/Main Planning Dept.
Public space
Altstadt, Downtown

Zeil Side Streets

Four ancillary roads to the Zeil (Schäfergasse, Grosse Friedberger Strasse, Fahrgasse and Reineckstrasse) will be given a  makeover as part of the “Making Frankfurt More Beautiful” scheme. First up is Grosse Friedberger Strasse, where construction work commenced in April 2015.

Status: 19.01.2023 More