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Type of built use

The type of built use determines the manner in which a plot of land can be used, whether, for example, residential buildings, workshops, gas stations or other projects are permissible. Depending on the purpose for which they are intended, in accordance with section 1(2) of the Land Use Ordinance (BauNVO), various types of building area can be stipulated in the legal zoning plan: Small development areas (WS), purely residential areas (WR), general residential areas (WA), special residential areas (WB), village areas (MD), village residential areas (MDW), mixed usage areas (MI), urban areas (MU), core areas (MK), commercial areas (GE), industrial areas (GI) and special areas (SO). The legal zoning plan specifies the general building areas in the preparatory land use plan.

Tabellarische Auflistung der Baugebietstypen nach Baunutzungsverordnung

The legal zoning plan regulates which types of usage are generally or exceptionally permissible in the various types of building area on the basis of the version of BauNVO valid at the time the legal zoning plan was drawn up.