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Frankfurt’s new district in the northwest

Legal zoning planning

Preparatory studies

As part of the preparatory studies, the status of binding planning regulations, i.e., of legally
binding legal zoning plans and those currently being drawn up, will be examined.
With regard to the section west of the A5 interstate there are no legally binding legal zoning
plans, nor are any being drawn up.
As regards the section east of the A5 interstate there are several legally binding legal zoning
plans, which by defining specific areas as greened zones and recreational zones, sports
grounds, sports areas, public greened zones rule out these being developed for housing.
As regards the area west of the Nordweststadt district a resolution was passed in 2014 for
the legal zoning plan no. 906- West of Nordweststadt to be drawn up. The objective of the
legal zoning plan is “… to enable different forms of housing for the various groups of the
population” according to the presentation to the Municipal Authorities of the resolution to
draw up legal zoning plan no. 906).
In Praunheim, the draft of legal zoning plan no. 696 – Commercial Area North of Heerstrasse
– Section 2 – will now be advanced with the aim of a mixed urban development for
commerce and housing; it will then be integrated into the overall planning for the new
Frankfurt - Northwest construction area.
You can view further information on current planning regulations in the planAS information