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Resolution passed by the Frankfurt City Council

In June 2012 the City Council of the City of Frankfurt/Main approved the Concept for the Retail Trade and its Centers 2011 as a basis of planning in the sense of an urban development concept in accordance with section 1 para. 6 no. 11 of the Town and Country Planning Code. This resolution marked an update of the 2008 Concept for the Retail Trade and its Centers.

As a basis for this, the “Study on Updating the Structure of the Retail Trade and its Centers Frankfurt/Main 2010” was compiled with a view to identifying the concrete changes in retail provision and the structure of its centers.

This documents the City’s willingness to steer the overall development of retail trade, and the fact that the City is clearly seen to be doing so: On the one hand the resolution has a self-binding function for the related actions of the Council and the Municipal Departments, and on the other aims to send out a signal and provide a greater level of transparency to retail trade players as well as operators of and investors in retail trade projects.

The resolution embraces:

  • the aims and principles for the future development of retail trade and retail centers (see M 21 Council Lecture below),
  • the hierarchy of centers and the corresponding rankings and function allocations (see below),
  • the spatial demarcations of the central shopping centers (see below),
  • the Frankfurt range of products (see below).

The resolution ensures a binding general framework for the entire city for the controlled establishment in particular of major retail projects.

The resolution contains a petition to the Municipal Authorities to report on major projects in the retail trade, for which planning permission has been sought or granted, and a resolution to adopt development plans that will enable new major retail projects. In addition, the plan is to extend and advance the Concept for the Retail Trade and its Centers by adding a new key aspect, “Securing Local Amenities”.