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Ernst May district

New residential area and greater quality of life for everyone in the “Ernst May district”

Preparatory studies

Autobahn 661 von Norden, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

With the new “Ernst May district” the City of Frankfurt/Main is planning to change the boundaries of the existing districts in the northeast of the city and create new high-quality urban residences. New public parklands above the partially covered A 661 interstate will play a role in this. In addition, in a total of eight quarters a wide range of different forms of housing can be built, which will also include urgently needed low-cost residences.

The "Ernst- May- district" are located in the direct vicinity of downtown, such that for the City of Frankfurt/Main the project is associated, as it were as “growth inwards”, with an opportunity to develop housing with a high level of parkland in an area close to downtown. This way, new dwellings can be built and a positive contribution made to relieving the tight housing market.

The partial cover of the A 661 interstate is intended to put the conditions in place for reducing noise emissions. Linking up existing areas of parkland with new ones that will be created on the “roof” are intended to extending the local recreational facilities for current and future new residents in the districts. Together with the planned defragmentation of the green spaces, one of the main objectives of the plans is to improve the climatic conditions and exchange of air in the new quarters and the existing districts.

Contact partner(s)

Mr. Peter Habermann

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Ms. Sabine Guttmann

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