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Preparatory Land Use Plan

The preparatory land use plan regulates the type of use to which land in an entire municipal area will be put and is the preparatory legal site plan for the legal zoning planning. The higher-ranking planning levels must be taken into account when drawing up the preparatory land use plan: At the federal state level, this is the Hessen State Development Plan, at regional level the South Hessen Regional Plan.

Regional preparatory land use plan

Survey map of Hessen Regional Council Darmstadt District (regional map)  FrankfurtRhineMain regional association (= regional zoning plan), © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

A regional preparatory land use plan has been in place for the FrankfurtRheinMain region since October 17, 2011. The regional preparatory land use plan is financed by the FrankfurtRheinMain Regional Authority. The latter is responsible for drawing up and amending the plan for the entire area in its authority. Correspondingly, the 75 member municipalities that come under the ambit of the authority, of which the City of Frankfurt/Main is one, have surrendered their responsibility for preparatory land use planning. The Frankfurt/RheinMain Metropolitan Region Act of March 8, 2011 forms the basis for this.

With its publication for the Federal State of Hessen in issue 42 of the Federal Gazette on October 17, 2011 the South Hessen Regional Plan/Regional Preparatory Land Use Plan 2010, which outlines the development of the region until 2020, came into force. For the area covered by Regional Authority FrankfurtRheinMain the plan has the function of a regional preparatory land use plan, which replaces the previous South Hessen Regional Plan and the joint preparatory land use plan of the former Umlandverband Frankfurt, as well as the municipal preparatory land use plans of the municipalities in the extended area of the Regional Authority. At the same time it also combines preparatory land use planning and regional planning in the are in a single set of plans on a scale of 1:50.000.

Section showing Frankfurt's downtown in the 2010 regional zoning plan, scale 1:50,000, © Regionalverband FrankfurtRheinMain

Contrary to the stipulations of the State Development Plan Hessen 2000, the allocation of areas for use for wind energy was removed from the regional preparatory land use plan. As a result, this needs to be swiftly offset by the presentation by the Chamber of Associations of the Regional Authority and the South Hessen Regional Council of a factual sub-plan for the use of wind energy. The procedure for drafting and acquiring participants in the “Use of Wind Power” plan will be conducted independently after which, following approval by the state government of Hessen, the plan will become part of the regional preparatory land use plan.

For the City of Frankfurt/Main the “Gesamtstadt” department attached to the Municipal Planning Authority is responsible for all issues relating to regional preparatory land use planning that affect the city’s interests. As well as publishing expert statements, the department also prepares applications to the Regional Authority for amendments to the regional preparatory land use plan and coordinates amendment procedures with other municipal bodies.

Information about the plan is available only from the Regional Authority FrankfurtRheinMain, Poststraße 16, 60329 Frankfurt/Main, Tel.:+ 49 69 / 2577-0, www.region-frankfurt.de. The regional preparatory land use plan can also be viewed online.

General information about the regional preparatory land use plan is also available from the City of Frankfurt/Main Municipal Planning Authority, Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 10, 60311 Frankfurt/Main.

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