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Securing commercial zones Eschborner Landstrasse

Aerial photo of the “Eschborner Landstrasse” commercial estate © City of Frankfurt Planning Dept., map based on City of Frankfurt Surveying Office

District: Rödelheim

Size of estate: 94.8 hectares

Project management:
Alexander Breit
Tel.: +49 (0)69 212 34968
Fax: +49 (0)69 212 30761


Blick auf die Westerbachstraße © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

The Eschborner Landstrasse estate is located in the district of Rödelheim between the A5 interstate and the center of Rödelheim. The estate is characterized by commercial properties that have simply grown over time, in particular auto-related outlets. Moreover, the estate is also home to large corporations such as Possmann and to computer centers.

The City of Frankfurt commercial estates serve to promote commercial activities by providing sufficient areas of job- intensive, manufacturing, processing and service operations. The urban planning developments in the Eschborner Landstrasse estate highlight tendencies for the estate to be filled with competing usages. This has led to some types of companies being squeezed out and to undesired usages, in particular retailing and computer centers.
The new plans are destined to apply suitable urban planning instruments to realize the objectives of the city’s overall development concepts for commerce and retailing. The plan is to adjust existing planning laws or introduce new planning laws in order to secure and develop commercial uses in Rödelheim. Specifically in the case of computer centers this will involve adjustments being made to the development program for commercial properties.

At present, work is underway drafting the statutory land use plan for the sites round Eschborner Landstrasse. The draft land use plan should be ready for tabling in the course of 2022 (B942 – East of A5 – Eschborner Landstrasse). The area covered by land use plan no. 899 – Northern Lorscher Strasse – is also being examined but will be addressed in a separate land-use planning procedure.