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Residential High-Rises, Downtown

Developing downtown as a residential center

District: Local district:
Size of area:
1 ha
Project management:

Ms. Karen Reineking
Telefon: +49 (0)69 212 46490
Telefax: +49 (0)69 212 30731

Project description

Reason for planning
The 2008 high-rise development plan defines two locations in the north inner city for residential tower blocks. They are intended to round out the neighboring Nextower, Jumeirah and Skylight high-rises in the urban fabric. Given the great demand for housing downtown and the interest project developers have shown in realizing the plans, new development plans are being prepared to create the legal foundations for this potential for new residential properties.

Development district
The two high-rise sites are located in northern downtown on Stiftstrasse and at Katzenpforte. The southern plot on Stiftstrasse, which was formerly used by Deutsche Telekom AG, is covered by the scope of development plan no. 845 Ä. The northern site on Katzenpforte comes under development plan no. 874.

In recent years, the surroundings of the area covered by the plans have changed. Two high-rises have been erected in the Palaisquartier as has the MyZeil shopping mall, while the Thurn-und-Taxis-Palais has bene rebuilt. In the near future, construction work will start for a residential property and a hotel complex on the plot used in the past by the Frankfurter Rundschau. The quarter to the east has been upgraded among other things by modernization of the former diamond exchange building. In the northern block between Stiftstrasse and Bleichstrasse the urban design has been highlighted by the addition of TurmCarrée.

Planning objectives
Both sites will be developed in order to construct residential high-rises. These will supplement the Frankfurt skyline and the cluster of towers in the fabric of northern downtown. To create housing for different segments of the population, the intended mix of apartments will include differing sizes and will cater for households that likewise vary in size, with some being rent-capped facilities and others subsidized housing. Stores and hospitality outlets in the podiums will bring greater life to the streets in the vicinity and buttress retailing there.

The Telekom plot is just short of 6,000 m² large; the plan is for it to feature an ensemble of three residential high-rises that are 80, 50 and 40 meters high respectively. The project goes by the name of Drei Schwestern and will offer some 34,000 m² in gross residential area over about 170 apartments. Of the total, 30 % will have rents capped to dampen the level of rents in this section of the inner city. A childcare center almost 1,000 m² in size will be located on the first floor, with the podium housing stores and hospitality outlets. The plaza on Stiftstrasse will be enlarged and enhanced. The rear of the site will continue to be taken up by Deutsche Telekom AG facilities.

Project progress
The City Council duly resolved to establish development plans, with the resolution for plan no. 874 passed in January 2011 and that for plan no. 845 Ä taken in May 2015. In 2011, project developers Corpus Sireo expressed their interest in the Telekom site. In 2012 a competition was held, won by architect Max Dudler. Environmental impact assessments have been made and planning for rent-capped apartments and the social infrastructure moved forward and coordinated. The proposal for the development plan was then completed and presented in summer 2015. An urban design contract containing regulations supplementing the planning laws was signed in December 2015.