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Modernization program

Obermainstraße 21, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

The “Frankfurt Program to Modernize Existing Property” offers the owners of existing real
estate attractive opportunities to modernize their residential buildings. A number of measures
are eligible for support, for example for energy-related modernization, conversions and
extensions, or transforming commercial into residential property. The support can be granted
as a loan (85 % of the costs eligible for support) or as a grant (30 % of the costs eligible for
support). Regardless of the energy standard achieved, the maximum costs eligible for
support are € 500, 600 or 750 per square meter of residential space.
In the case of heritage buildings, the additional costs for the modernization of energy
efficiency in line with heritage requirements are taken into account. Further support is
available for modernization to bring a building up to the passivhaus standard, and for
combining small flats to form larger units. As part of an overall measure, applications can
also be submitted for improving barrier-free access to and use of apartments, for measures
to enhance the surroundings or the urban ambience. These measures are also eligible for
support individually, but then only in the form of grants.
Rental after modernization is capped by the local comparable rent levels set, and it can be
assumed that the areas in question will be at most for middle-income households.
Apartments for which support was granted must be kept permanently as residential space.
Improvement of the energetic standard proven on the basis of on-site consultation, and
which goes beyond the provisions of the Energy Saving Decree for existing buildings, is a
prerequisite for support for energetic modernization.

Contact partner(s)

Mr. Damian Paris

Telephone: +49 (0)69 212 30165

Ms. Katharina Schnorpfeil

Telephone: +49 (0)69 212 48256