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Hanauer Landstrasse – west of Osthafenplatz/Launhardtstrasse

Entwicklung eines urbanen Quartiers φstlich der Innenstadt

Housing, Commerce, Offices
District: Local district:
Size of area:
12.06 ha

Project description

Reason for planning
To date, the area was occupied by the branch office of an automobile corporation. When the Mercedes branch on Hanauer Landstrasse was closed for operational reasons, land became available in the short term for potential development. The plots were acquired by an investor who is now developing the real estate.

Development district
The district in question is located in the south of Ostend between the Ostbahnhof and the Osthafen. It is positioned directly to the north of Hanauer Landstrasse on the other side of Osthafenplatz, and comprises some two hectares of land.

Planning objectives
The plan is to develop a mixed-use quarter with a high proportion of residential dwellings on the former Mercedes grounds. Not only will central plazas be created, but a public access route running north will in particular be maintained. The quarter will be kept largely car-free, and car parking will therefore be exclusively confined to underground car parks accessed in the north via Ferdinand Happ Strasse. The public space will be greened throughout in order not only to impact favorably on the local climate but to upgrade the residential environment and improve the leisure-time quality of the quarter overall.

Real estate structure
The intended real-estate structure is based on the urban masterplan “Restructuring Hanauer Landstrasse, Danziger Platz, and adjacent areas” dating from 2014. The masterplan was advanced in the course of further planning.

Abutting direct on existing buildings, the polygonal perimeter block structure will not only give rise to three tranquil inner courtyards but also set the context for a highly varied sequence of plazas. In the south, a spacious area links up to Osthafenplatz on the other side of Hanauer Landstrasse. From here, a route runs north and opens there like a funnel onto Ferdinand Happ Strasse. In the center of the planned site this route links up to a tapered plaza that culminates in a strip of road running through to Launhardtstrasse. In the medium to long term, an access route going beyond the planned site will link north Ostend to the harbor basin by means of an underpass below the rail tracks.

This real-estate structure also allows for the positioning of a standalone building within the western perimeter block. Its height will align with that of buildings in the surroundings, where most edifices have seven stories.

Usage structure
In line with the urban planning concept, on the former Mercedes grounds 30 % of future buildings will be earmarked for commercial use and 70 % as housing. The commercial usages are less sensitive to noise levels and are therefore located in the southern half of the planned area on Hanauer Landstrasse, with its high traffic volumes. Residential usages, by contrast, will be housed in the quieter northern half. The plan is for 30 % of the residential area to be allocated to form subsidized housing. A childcare facility will likewise be included in the area.

Project progress
In 2014, the masterplan for “Restructuring Hanauer Landstrasse, Danziger Platz, and adjacent areas” was devised as the basis for the urban development planning. In April 2014, the City Council duly approved the preparation of development plan no. 900, which was then initially put on ice.

In the wake of the sale of the Mercedes grounds in 2018, the key urban planning parameters were put in place for future use of the areas in question and discussed with the new owners.
In a separate development plan process, the conditions were created under planning law to enable a mixed-usage urban quarter to be developed with the shortest possible lead time on the former Mercedes-grounds – incorporating a high proportion of housing and with the requisite social infrastructure.

The City Council resolved to establish development plan no. 925 “Hanauer Landstrasse – west Launhardtstrasse” as a sub-section of development plan no. 900. Citizens had the opportunity to voice their opinion as early as November 2014, and the various civic authorities were involved in the planning in summer 2015. Both participation loops took place within the framework of the development plan process no. 900 and were valid for development plan no. 925, too.

Draft zoning plan no. 925 went on mandatory public display in spring 2020 and was again put on public display in summer 2020. An urban planning agreement that lays down stipulations supplementing the planning law was concluded in September 2020. The City Council gave its approval to the new statutory plan in September 2021, and development plan no. 925 has been in force since November 9, 2021.