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Hanauer Landstrasse – west of Osthafenplatz/Launhardtstrasse

Entwicklung eines urbanen Quartiers φstlich der Innenstadt

Housing, Commerce, Offices
District: Local district:
Size of area:
12.06 ha

Project description

Reason for planning
The 2014 completion of the European Central Bank situated west of the zone has in recent years spawned a plethora of investments in the neighborhood’s urban fabric. Examples in the ambit include a large office building for an auditing company at the corner of Hanauer Landstrasse and Ferdinand Happ Strasse; in addition, construction of the project for a residential complex with 280 one-bedroom apartments north of Ferdinand Happ Strasse is about to commence.

In recent years, several large businesses have voiced their intentions to relocate, while the owners of several extensive continuous zones south of Hanauer Landstrasse have been considering ways to restructure and modernize their properties, giving rise to new concepts for converting and upgrading individual sectors of these zones.
Frankfurt is currently seeing a massive need for additional housing. According to the population and budget forecast published by the Civic Center for Statistics and Elections (Bürgeramt, Statistik und Wahlen), by 2030 the city’s population will have surged to total 724,000 people. Based on this outlook, the Institut Wohnen und Umwelt GmbH (IWU) has predicted the demand for housing to be expected over the coming years as follows: Between 2009 and 2030 approx. 32,000 new dwellings will be needed overall (up to 26,500 units by 2020 and another 5,500 by 2030).

Development district
Extending from both sides of Hanauer Landstrasse, the 12-hectare zone is situated in Frankfurt’s Ostend district. Hanauer Landstrasse as the central backbone of the district has in recent years undergone some major restructuring, morphing from a classic commercial park into an ensemble of service providers (IT and advertising industries) and car dealerships.
In the north, the scope of the development district extends as far as the railroad tracks. In the east the border proceeds along the parcel of land 5/10, parcel 414, and Launhardtstrasse as far as Hanauer Landstrasse, continuing across Osthafenplatz plaza as far as the Osthafen port’s northern dock. In the south the border extends along Duisburger Werft shipyard as far as Honsellbrücke bridge, and in the west along Honsellstrasse as far as Hanauer Landstrasse, ending at the railroad tracks at the building with the no. 97.

Planning objectives
The development plan is intended to establish the legal basis for planning the creation of mixed-use urban quarters with a high proportion of residential dwellings along with the necessary social infrastructure on both sides of Hanauer Landstrasse as well as north of Ferdinand Happ Strasse. Public access routes and thoroughfares need to be improved or built in line with future needs.
For the property located south of Mayfarth Strasse the legal basis for planning commercial use has to be established. The idea is for this zone to interface the mixed-use urban quarters and the port facilities adjacent in the east such that the permissible expansion of industrial facilities in the Osthafen port will not be constrained.
The urban masterplan “Restructuring Hanauer Landstrasse, Danziger Platz and adjacent areas” forms the basis for establishing the development plan.

Project progress
The resolution to establish development plan no. 900 “Hanauer Landstrasse – west of Osthafenplatz/ Launhardtstrasse” was made on April 3, 2014. Citizens had the opportunity to voice their opinion vis-à-vis the planning on November 4, 2014. Authorities were able to get involved in the planning from July 27 to September 4, 2015.
In the further course of the planning stages, the scope of zoning plan no. 900 was subdivided into two planning areas. The resolution approving zoning plan no. 925 “Hanauer Landstrasse – western Launhardtstrasse” was taken on Dec. 13, 2018, thus approving it as a sub-section of zoning plan no. 900.
Draft zoning plan no. 925 went on mandatory public display in the period March 25 – April 27, 2020 and the participation of the general public and the various authorities thus ensured.
In the period from June 24 – Aug. 5, 2020 the plans went on public display again.
The draft zoning plan has since been completed. At present, the version to be tabled for final approval is being compiled.