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North of Lorscher Strasse

land-use plan no. 899

Urban development draft, transportation infrastructure
District: Local district:
Size of area:
6.5 hectares
Project management:

Mr. Alexander Thäter
fone: +49 (0)69 212 34968

Project description

Reason for planning
The plan is to redevelop the Am Römerhof site in order to create housing. The Römerhof plays an important part in Frankfurt’s urban development and will make a major contribution to providing new housing in the city. The new-build bus depot at Lorscher Strasse is the precondition for the new development effort as the depot is currently located at Römerhof and therefore needs to be relocated. The site at Lorscher Strasse is the result of a city-wide search for a location and is suitable in particular owing to its position and the fact that it is available at short notice. B899 is a so-called “project-based land-use plan”. The project developer is ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING.

Planning area
The site identified is in Nordwest Rödelheim, directly on Lorscher Strasse, and is some 6.5 hectares in size. The area was hitherto used as a tree nursery and is directly adjacent to a garden center. It is flanked on the south by Lorscher Strasse, to the east by Guerickestrasse and by the A66 interstate in the north. Access is direct via Lorscher Strasse using an entrance/exit shared with the garden center next to it.

Planning objectives
The bus depot is intended to secure smooth operation of countless bus routes in the Frankfurt city limits, including from and to Rödelheim station. The land-use plan will structure and enable this use under building planning laws. At the same time, the necessary measures to offset this as well as design the transportation flow will be regulated.

The bus depot is intended to have space for about 250 busses.
The project includes parking spaces for the busses, workshops, and office premises. Moreover, a hydrogen gas station will be installed on site, as in the long term all the busses will from the depot will run on either hydrogen or electricity.
The schematic planning is outlined in the structural concept. The building housing the offices and workshops will stand in the east of the grounds, the space in the west will be reserved for the bus parking slots. Photovoltaic panels and/or roof/façade greenery will be put on the buildings and on possible roofs over the carports. The hydrogen gas station will be sited in the northwest. A green strip will be preserved/planted along the east and north edges. This area has to be kept free of structure as per the regulations of the Federal Long-Distance Roads Act (section 9 FStrG). Possibly a small number of parking spaces will be located there.

The bus depot is necessary in order to be able to maintain and expand bus services in Frankfurt at a high level. A strong public transport network is key if the City of Frankfurt is to achieve its target of a change in mobility patterns. By integrating hydrogen and electromobility, the new built lays the foundations for switching over to modern and ecofriendly drive technologies.

Project progress

Next planning steps:

Current: Further elaboration of the legal zoning plan

31 March 2022: Resolution on legal zoning plan in accordance with § 1499

December 2021 and January 2022:

2021: Conducting preparatory studies and determining the basis for the legal zoning plan

Beginning of 2021: Start of the project for the continuation of the planning of the Römerhof and determination of the means of a Project-related legal zoning plan