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Revitilization of the central station forecourts

Reason for planning
Each day, for some 450,000 passengers and visitors to the city, Frankfurt’s central railroad station is the first point of contact with the metropolis on the Main. Approx. 350 Deutsche Bahn long-distance trains arrive here on a daily basis; add to this: regional trains, LRTs and subways, streetcars and buses. Making Frankfurt central station the city’s key transport hub, but that’s not all: It is the city’s gateway and calling card.
Unfortunately, the station forecourt and the two plazas on either side of the complex no longer reflect the location’s significance. They are in urgent need of a makeover and require restructuring as regards functions and traffic flow.

Development district
The zone in question includes the station forecourt, which extends as far as Poststrasse in the north (see the attached PDF on the project). The majority of the sites are the property of DB AG.
The southern station forecourt, Mannheimer Strasse and the site to the south of the central station, which currently serves as a car park, will be addressed at a later stage in the planning process.

Planning objectives
The City of Frankfurt and Deutsche Bahn AG have joined forces in a move to revitalize the immediate surroundings of Frankfurt’s main station and give the “Gateway to the City” a new and attractive appearance. Together they held an urban design competition (
competition 2008-2009) to brainstorm ideas for the comprehensive redesign and its subsequent realization.
The insights gained from the competition will be realized step by step. The idea is to reorganize the different functions of the plaza and give it a clear and accessible structure with a welcoming look-and-feel that will meet the needs of everyone using the plaza.

Further steps/approach
In November 2013 a Letter of Intent on infrastructural changes envisaged for railroad stations operated by DB Station&Service AG was presented to the public in Frankfurt/Main. The forecourt of Frankfurt’s main station is one of the projects listed in the LOI.

The first step to the forecourt’s revitalization entails preliminary planning for the zone in front of the main entrance, the section adjacent to the north, and Poststrasse. schneider and schumacher architects have been awarded the contract to prepare the plans. Their competition entry lays the foundation for further planning. The municipal authorities approved the funding for the planning in May 2014.
Moreover, preliminary planning efforts shall serve to assess whether a relocation of the streetcar stop will indeed be feasible in the way it has been proposed in the competition.
Deutsche Bahn AG is currently planning the redesign of the central hall of the station, which involves removing the 1970s structures with a view to restoring the historical ambiance of the area. Basement zones that have not been accessible until now will be opened to forge new links between the various transport modes (LRT and subway) and create new sales areas. There are plans to restructure the underground pedestrian level in an effort to upgrade and revitalize it. Here, the aim is to close those entrances that are seldom used. It is hoped that eliminating a confusing array of narrow staircases will augment security and clarity in the layout, while opening up new possibilities in the spatial design.

The results of the preliminary planning will be published on this Website in due course.

PDF files relating to the project

  • Central station streetcar stop, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
  • Poststrasse at the corner of Düsseldorfer Strasse, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
  • Poststrasse with entrance to the underground car park, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
  • Northern forecourt, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main
  • Central forecourt, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

Project management

Ms. Barbara Gonder

Telephone: +49 (0)69 212 36151
Fax: +49 (0)69 212 47644