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Preparatory Studies

Planning and Realization Steps

Kartenausschnitt: Zeitliche Planungs- und Realisierungsabschnitte Ernst-May-Viertel, Pesch Partner Architekten, Glück Landschaftsarchitektur, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Kartengrundlage: Stadtvermessungsamt Frankfurt

On the basis of current knowledge, realization of the individual quarters and the landscape planning projects could be conducted in three stages (see PDF file attached below).

The planning and realization phases, which have been estimated time-wise, are, however, subject to further resolutions by committees of the City of Frankfurt/Main. Furthermore, formal procedures relating to traffic planning, and of course the construction of the cover set fundamental general conditions for the timing.

An initial stage from 2016 until 2023 includes the preparation of building approvals procedures for the first residential quarters. Construction of the following three quarters of around 1,850 residential units could begin as of around 2018-9:

-“Friedberger Landstrasse/South of Wasserpark” (“innovation quarter”), approx. 1,500 residential units
-“Friedberger Landstrasse/East of Bodenweg” (“East Atterberry”), approx. 250 residential units
-“Living to the north of Günthersburgpark” (“Friedrich garden center”), approx. 100 residential units.

As part of the initial stage Günthersburgpark will be extended and a green corridor created between Friedberger Landstrasse and Dortelweiler Strasse. During this first stage the formal planning procedures for the partial cover over the interstate will also be initiated.

A second stage could follow from 2019 until 2027 with the construction of the three quarters:

-“An den Röthen”, approx. 260 residential units
-“Katharinen Campus”, approx. 350 residential units
-“North of Friedrich Ebert School”, approx. 330 residential units.

During this stage the planned extension of Huthpark could take place. Assuming that the cover over the A 661 interstate can be built between 2023 and 2025, the foundations for the later construction of the cover structure proper can already be laid during this stage.

In a third stage, for which the planning and realization phase between 2022 and 2028 could apply, construction of the partial cover structure will take place. This will also put in place the conditions for development of the areas “Realignment of the Boundaries of Festeburg estate. At the same time, the central “Green Center” would also be created.

The number of apartments mentioned was calculated on the basis of current master planning. These considerations will be addressed in greater detail and differentiated as the process continues, such that there can be changes to the number of apartments.