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Residential development

Wohnen am Riedberg ©Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

The Frankfurt housing market is still dominated by shortages. Almost all market segments report a need and demand for accommodation.

In addition to safeguarding the existing level of housing the City of Frankfurt is for this reason pursuing the goal of making sufficient land available for building housing, taking requirements for different forms of living and construction into consideration.

The provision of housing in sufficiently high numbers and quantity is a central task in urban development. As such, in 2003 the City of Frankfurt decided to develop the “Residential Master Plan” concept embracing the following areas:

  • guiding principles for residential development,
  • monitoring of the housing market,
  • a concept for the provision of accommodation,
  • a development program for land for residential use

Whereas the guiding principles for residential development present the objectives and approaches for solutions for housing policy in Frankfurt/Main, monitoring of the housing market provides analyses of the situation on it and determines the level of housing needed.
The need thus determined forms the basis for the accommodation provision concept (subsidized accommodation) and also for making the necessary construction land available for building new housing (the development program for land for residential use).

In addition to the potential or housing construction in the development program for land for residential use, the Empty Sites Directory lists all small and little-used sites that are suitable for housing construction.

In future, housing construction will focus on inner-city development, with areas for restructuring being prioritized. With regard to the opportunities offered by the development of inner-city areas, studies were also made of whether the conversion of office space into accommodation can play a role here.