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Preparatory Studies

Revocation of the “Alleen Tunnel” resolution

In 1980, the then Hessen Minister of Economic Affairs and Technology gave planning permission for the construction of the A 66 interstate in the city limits of Frankfurt/Main, the “Alleentunnel”. The plan embraced extensive construction measures from the major junction at “Miquelallee”, the construction of a tunnel from there to the area “Friedberger Landstrasse/Butzbacher Strasse” and subsequent construction in a trough as far as “Dortelweiler Strasse”.

Several appeals against this resolution were submitted and the planning procedures for rectifying possible shortcomings in the resolution were suspended. An additional planning approval procedure was never conducted, as the view of the project on the part of both the State of Hessen and the City of Frankfurt/Main had changed.

Consequently, in 2013 the State of Hessen waived re-registering the “A 66 Alleen Tunnel” project for the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan. Moreover, in early 2014 HessenMobil, as the highest road construction authority, applied to the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) for the project to be removed from the “Demand Plan for Federal Trunk Roads 2004”. This application was granted, such that in May 2014 HessenMobil applied to the planning authority for the planning approval resolution to be annulled. Effective February 2, 2015 the Hessen Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy, Transport and State Development ultimately annulled the planning approval resolution for the “Alleen Tunnel”.

This resolution is pivotal for realizing the project, in particular for the area “Friedberger Landstrasse/South of Wasserpark (“Innovation quarter”). Along the approved route the “Alleen Tunnel” would have prevented any housing development opportunities and cut through the areas of parkland and recreational zones close to the district.

At the same time it should also be noted that since 1980 all facilities (such as the adventure playground) on the route of the “Alleen Tunnel” have had to be provisional in nature, as the areas along the route had to be kept free for the construction of the tunnel.