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South of Am Riedsteg

Development plan no. 908

Urban development draft, Housing
District: Local district:
Size of area:
6.9 ha
Project management:

Ms. Charlotte Döring
fone: +49 (0)69 212 36157

Project description

Reason for planning
The objective of establishing the development plan is to realign the boundaries on the town’s edge north of the “Neuer Friedhof” cemetery and obtain planning permission for a general residential zone. Since we are expecting Frankfurt’s population to continue to increase over the coming years, the development plan has been formulated to stay abreast of the growing demand for residential space in the metropolitan area.

Development district
The “Südlich Am Riedsteg” development zone is located in Frankfurt’s Nieder-Erlenbach district to the north of the city. Spanning an area of some 6.9 hectares, the zone in question is situated vis-à-vis “Am Fuchsloch” commercial estate.

The spatial ambit is bounded by “Alt-Erlenbach” street in the west, “Am Riedsteg” country lane in the north, an allotment site with “Mühlweg” country lane in the east and “Neuer Friedhof” cemetery in the south. A small strip of land that was formerly part of the cemetery has been included in the ambit of the new zone.

Planning objectives
In the residential estate the focus will be on constructing both detached family homes alongside multi-storey apartment blocks. This mix is intended to offer different groups of the population different types of housing. To cover the urgent need for affordable housing, 30% of the total space is designated for publicly subsidized housing. Moreover, areas have been set aside for communal or cooperative housing projects. Since the district of Nieder-Erlenbach does not yet have a sports hall of its own and this is urgently needed for local clubs to train, a sports hall will be included in the planning. The planned sports hall will be erected in combination with a children’s daycare facility in one and the same building, with the childcare center being located on the ground floor.

Project progress

  • Examination of the comments received
  • Commissioning to update expert opinions based on comments received
  • Coordination with specialist departments based on comments received
  • Incorporating the results into the draft development plan
  • Preparation of the documents for a new publication of the draft legal zoning plan based on the changes made

26 January – 26 February 2022: Public display of the draft development plan and other documents, in particular environmental information

2015 - 2022 In-depth processing, taking into account suggestions from the public and specialist concerns

  • Evaluation of the suggestions from the early public participation as well as the offices and authorities
  • Obtaining the necessary expert opinions
  • Review and revision of the urban planning design
  • Adaptation of the urban design to the new parking space statutes by-law of the City of Frankfurt
  • Subsequent development of a draft for the development plan

22 May to 26 May 2015: Timely involvement of the authorities Early involvement of the authorities and offices with the opportunity to make suggestions on the urban development concept

10 March, 2015: Presentation and discussion of the urban planning design and the objectives and purposes of the development plan

22 May, 2014: Decision to draw up legal zoning plandevelopment plan no. 908 - South of Am Riedsteg by the municipal council. Overplanning of part of the area covered by development plan no. 417 by the new development plan no. 908 to be drawn up

  • Inclusion of a 50-metre-wide strip of the cemetery in the area covered by development plan no. 908 for residential use due to cemetery expansion areas that are no longer required
  • Securing the supply area for the Main-Gas-Werke (now: Mainova) in the southern area of the plan area as a supply area for gas and electricity

17 October, 2011: Entry into force of the Regional Land Use Plan 2010 of the FrankfurtRhineMain Regional Association. The majority of the plan area is shown as planned residential land