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Refurbishment of the fountains and redesigning their locations

The Hirschbrunnen fountain, © Olaf Reuffurth

Special attention will have to be paid in the City’s efforts to upgrade Sachsenhausen’s old quarter to the fountains as these are typical landmarks that characterize the quarter. In conjunction with the upgrading and redesigning the urban roadspace project, the City has decided (wherever necessary) to refurbish the fountains and to place them as close as possible to their original locations. In the future, all water features will be restored and used again, with additional lighting emphasizing the ornamented columns in the upper part of the fountains. Each fountain will be surrounded by an area paved with small cobbles.

St. George fountain, © Olaf Reuffurth

To date, seven out of the nine fountains have been modernized in this way and now shine in a new light.

In addition to the existing fountains in the old quarter, in 2007 the “Ritterbrunnen” featuring the figure of St. George, which was previously missing , was restored. A stonemason reconstructed the “new” Ritterbrunnen based on historical records after the statue was “rediscovered” in Frankfurt’s Historical Museum. The sculpture is a depiction of St. George on horseback, fighting with the dragon. The original stature is kept in the Historical Museum.

The Frau Rauscher fountain, © Andreas Fux

The most recent statue to undergo refurbishment was that of “Frau Rauscher” in 2009. The fountain basin was also cleaned, and in the process the formerly nondescript gray unit restored to its original red color. It is a shade that complements Sachsenhausen’s color master plan, which includes an almost identical tone. The small plaza around the fountain was cobbled to match the design of Klappergasse and on three sides lined with apple trees, among other plants.
A plate inserted in front of the fountain displays the words of “Sachsenhausen’s national anthem”.
The Bäckerbrunnen, originally located in the courtyard of Haus der Jugend, will be relocated to its new home in 2015, which will be in front of the city walls – a project part of designing the plaza in front of Kuhhirtenturm.
This measure concludes the refurbishment of fountains in Alt-Sachsenhausen.