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Other stipulations and contents

The legal zoning plan also frequently makes stipulations with regard to the configuration of secondary structures as well as parking spaces, garages and underground car parks. Matters relating to the planning of green areas are also settled. These include stipulations governing the planting and care of trees, shrubs and other plants, as well as to greenery on roofs and facades. The legal zoning plan can also make the necessary stipulations pertaining to precautions for protection from damaging impacts on the environment, such as traffic noise.

The legal zoning plan also makes the necessary stipulations pertaining to the interventions in the natural surroundings that can be expected. To this end the legal zoning plan allocates the necessary areas and stipulates measures to compensate for interventions.

In a procedure or set of plans the legal zoning plan can also be used to make stipulations other than those relating to planning law. Most frequently this involves including additional design-related stipulations pertaining to, for example, the design of roofs and structural shells, and to enclosures in accordance with the Hessen Building Code (HBO), in other words integrating them as local building regulations.

In addition to the stipulations, legal zoning plans can also contain special designated areas and information. The former are intended to draw attention to particular problems with regard to the use of the land. This could be, for example, areas that are contaminated with environmentally harmful substances. By way of information, a legal zoning plan includes expert plans drawn up on account other laws relating, for example, to nature reserves and flood protection areas. With this additional information the legal zoning plan fully regulates the legal prerequisites relating to the land with regard to it being developed.