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District architects

In eight Frankfurt City districts specialists commissioned by the Construction Supervisory Office provide advice to private clients – before their construction project takes shape.

This measure is intended to improve the appearance of the city and provide direct support for those wishing to build in Frankfurt.

With this service the Construction Supervisory Office aims to expand its consulting services for small building projects. The intention is that the district architects commissioned will provide advice on useful measures and necessary procedures before building begins. The Construction Supervisory Office covers the full cost of this service.


Rödelheim / Hausen:

Birka Heise


Telephone: 069 - 9047760              

E-mail: heise@hhp-frankfurt.de    



Niederursel / Ginnheim:

Ulrich Fehrenbach


Telephone: 069 - 4269337788                       

E-mail: ulrich@fehrenbach-architekt.de      

Hans Sponsel


Telephone: 069 - 622249

E-mail: Architekt-sponsel@t-online.de




Beate Grimm                                         


Telephone: 069 - 66056690                            

 E-mail: info@grimm-architekten.de              

Norbert Schraps


Telephone: 069 - 5076610

 E-mail: n.schraps-architekt@t-online.de



Zeilsheim / Griesheim / Schwanheim:

Patrick Sipf


Telephone: 069 - 90553764                

E-mail: info@sipf-architekt.de

Rolf Hansmann


Telephone: 069 - 9047760

E-mail: hansmann@hhp-frankfurt.de




Udo Seger


Telephone: 06109 - 33850        

 E-mail: udo.seger@t-online.de


Siedlung Westhausen:

Hans Sponsel


Telephone: 069 - 622249                     

E-mail: Architekt-sponsel@t-online.de

Anke Wünschmann


Telephone: 069 - 7410072

E-mail: wuenschmann@a2w2.net