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To the homepage of the Frankfurt City Planning Department


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Bildleiste Frankfurt am Main © Stadtplanungsamt Frankfurt am Main

Welcome to the Frankfurt/Main City Planning Department Website

It’s great that you’re interested in our Website. This homepage is designed to inform you on planning activities in Frankfurt and encourage you to actively participate in the relevant processes.
The vibrant development of the RhineMain region can be felt especially in Frankfurt/Main as its urban heart. All the city’s inhabitant, people who work in the city, and visitors should be able to share enjoyable everyday surroundings. To this end, a whole raft of social, economic, and environmental considerations all need to be heeded. In this context, the key task of the City Planning Department is to ensure the sustainable and perspicacious strengthening of the urban design framework and of urban development.
Increasingly, in addition to the classical planning procedures, new paths are also being taken, as can be seen from the close collaboration with private partners and citizens. The City Planning Department has opened planning procedures up to enable active participation by the citizens – far beyond the extent specified by law. We aspire to guarantee great transparency in the inclusion of our citizens.
In line with this benchmark, we engage in proactive PR work, making certain urban planning activities are accompanied by regular press releases, interesting publications and this Website. Discussions and exhibitions on specific topics are likewise destined to appeal to interested members of the general public.
We would like to cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the countless aspects to contemporary urban planning not least by studying actual examples in Frankfurt. And we do hope that we succeed in whetting your thirst to learn more about the City Planning Department’s tasks and projects – and about life in Frankfurt today. 

We would like in particular to draw your attention to special services we provide:

Blick nach Süden auf das Untersuchungsgebiet, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurts neuer Stadtteil im Nordwesten

Die Stadtverordnetenversammlung hat die vorbereitenden Untersuchungen für den Bereich „Frankfurt Nordwest“ beschlossen. Hier können im Rahmen des Projekts 8.000 bis 12.000 Wohnungen in vielfältigen Formen entstehen.

Stadtentwicklungskonzept, © Unverzagt. Visuelle Kommunikation

Frankfurt am Main 2030
Integriertes Stadtentwicklungskonzept

Ab sofort unterstützt die Dialogplattform "Frankfurt } Deine Stadt" den Stadtdialog, der die Erarbeitung des Stadtentwicklungskonzeptes Frankfurt am Main 2030 begleitet.

Autobahn 661 im Bereich Anschlussstelle Friedberger Landstraße, © Krebs und Kiefer


Der Magistrat der Stadt Frankfurt am Main hat ein Vorlagenpaket zum Ernst-May-Viertel beschlossen. Im Rahmen dieses Projektes können rund  4 000 zusätzliche Wohneinheiten entstehen.

Film "Urban Development in Frankfurt 1990 - 2015"

The years between 1990 and 2015 have been a most exciting and eventful time for urban planning and development in Frankfurt/Main. The City Planning Department’s new film gives an overview of the key highlights.

Symbol of Participation by citizens, © Stadtplanungsamt Stadt Frankfurt am Main

Participation by citizens

We’re keen to hear your opinions and suggestions. This Website offers you various ways of informing yourself and participating actively in the planning process.