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Parking space by-law

By means of a by-law, the municipality can enact provisions governing the creation and limitation of parking spaces in the municipal district. Sections 52, 86, and 91 of the Hessen Building Code (HBO) are the legal basis for this.

In Frankfurt/Main the obligation to create parking spaces and the limitation of parking spaces are regulated by a by-law.
Taking the local traffic situation into consideration, the parking space by-law serves to regulate whether, and to what extent parking spaces for vehicles and bicycle parking must be provided as part of a construction project. The aim behind the regulations is to reduce the number of cars parked, and vehicles looking for parking spaces on public roads by creating the requisite parking spaces on those plots of land on which buildings are under construction or being converted for different use. The number of parking spaces to be created is essentially calculated by the purpose for which the building is used.

Furthermore, the municipality can limit the obligation to create parking spaces. In Frankfurt/Main the limitation on parking spaces is determined by the quality of access by public transport, and the purpose the building is used for. The number of parking spaces to be created is limited depending on the building’s location within the city limits and the quality of public transport streetcar connections.

Section of planAS, parking space by-law, © Frankfurt/Main City Planning Department v

The legally binding parking space by-law of the City of Frankfurt/Main can be viewed in the planning information section of the Planning Department attached to the City Planning department.
Furthermore, you can download and print the legally binding parking space by-law with the zones in which the limitation on parking spaces applies, and its attendant documents,  by clicking on it in the planning law digital information system

By way of derogation from the parking space by-law, the municipality can also, as part of legal zoning plans, make planning code stipulations in accordance with sections 52, 86, and 91 HBO for individual areas within the city limits, which then take precedence over the regulations of the parking space by-law.