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Tourism, art and culture

All local stakeholders are in agreement that Höchst has extraordinary potential and that much of it is still waiting to be tapped. Culturally, with its theater (Neues Theater Höchst) and the cinema in the Bolongaropalast (Filmtheater Valentin) the district offers an exciting cultural spread that also attracts people from outside the city. From the point of view of cultural history, its charming old town, the castle square, the Old Castle and the New Castle, St. Justin’s Church, the Porcelain Museum at Kronberger Haus and the Bolongaro Palace make Höchst is a great attraction that is well worth a visit, a potential magnet for local visitors and tourists alike.

Tourism World Café / Tourism Working Panel

In an effort to transform Höchst into a real attraction, the focus was consciously placed on tourism in 2013. In January of that year, various stakeholders from local associations, committed citizens, representatives of the local authorities and officials active in tourism and leisure were invited to a kick-off event.

Route of Half-Timbered Buildings

As part of the working panel on tourism, the Tourismus + Congress gGmbH Frankfurt/Main took up the suggestions made in an effort to improve the old town and implemented them following the town’s successful application to be included in the Route der Deutschen Fachwerkstrasse (Route of Half-Timbered Buildings). The terms of admission and objectives were swiftly discussed and agreed with Prof. Manfred Gerner, who is the representative of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Fachwerkstädte e.V. As a consequence, the district was able to use the opportunity to advertise its must-see spots in the “Deutsche Fachwerkstrasse” illustrated book, which was re-issued in 2013. Höchst is now a proud member of the Route of Half-Timbered Buildings which runs “From the Westerwald forest to the Lahntal valley and Taunus highlands to the River Main”. Here the same logo was used that will feature in all future tourist publications and marketing strategies: Höchst – Lebendiges Fachwerk (Höchst – Vibrant Timber Framing).

Half-timbered buildings and medieval towns featuring such edifices have a strong identity and represent a key holiday destination for day trippers or those on short tours within the region. Placing Höchst on the map with other medieval towns attests to the excellent quality of the ensemble. Moreover, half-timbered structures are also recognized in a national and international context as being of interest to tourists, especially as they are typical of the region. Both aspects spell new opportunities for Höchst.

Höchst logo for the Route of Half-Timbered Houses, © Tourismus + Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main

Tourist office

The issue of the location and design of a potential tourist office in Höchst was debated once again by the Tourism working panel. The idea is to provide information on outstanding offerings for tourists not only in Höchst, but also in the greater Frankfurt region. The panel came to the conclusion that a “dedicated” tourist office was neither feasible nor affordable and would therefore need to be bolstered with additional products as part of a sustainable economic concept.

2014 saw the opening of the first tourist information office in a district of Höchst as a public private partnership with Tourismus und Congress GmbH. Tabak- und Presse Krämer, a newsagent based in Antoniterstrasse 22, was extended to include tourist information materials and souvenirs in its range of offerings. The conversion of the premises and the signs were financed through the support program. Frau Pechatsch, a refurbishment architect, was responsible for the realization.

In a move to supply tourists with information on the district, the series of leaflets provided by the City Planning Department was extended by the brochure „Rundgang durch die Innenstadt Höchst“, which can be obtained free of charge from the tourist information office, the neighborhood office and the City Planning Department. An English version is available: Circular Tour of the Center of Höchst.

Tourist Information on Antoniterstraße 22 in Höchst, © NH ProjektStadt, Foto: Herr Winkelman