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Redevelopment of Bolongarostrasse

Public space
District: Local district:
Size of area:
720 m length /12,000 sq. m. traffic area
Project management:

Ms. Iris Lorena Langhammer
fone: +49 (0)69 212 34877

Project description

Planning reason
Bolongarostrasse is an important one-way district link road with bus lanes and businesses. In the densely built-up heritage-listed Old Town there is clear evidence of conflicting usages. Curb-side areas for pedestrians and parking spaces are extremely limited.

Planning objective
The redevelopment is intended to reduce the current primary focus on road traffic and instead introduce wider sidewalks, in this way creating a more pleasant ambiance for visitors and inhabitants. The plan is to foster a tidier and more structured overall appearance. The redevelopment will ensure that the quality of the public space is such that it favorably influence the entire surroundings.

Development area
In the district of Höchst, Bolongarostrasse is an historical road with a linking function. The section that will be renewed is some 720 meters long and has a traffic area of around 12,000 sq. m.

Project progress
Currently: Update of the construction and financing proposal is planned

2020: Completion of the design and implementation planning

2016: Decision on the preliminary planning for the redesign in accordance with Section 847 (M 203)