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Living to the north of Günthersburgpark

Legal Zoning Plan no. 858

Urban development draft, Housing, Kindertagesstätte
District: Local district:
Size of area:
1.15 ha
Project management:

Mr. Ingo Weiskopf
Telefon: +49 (0)69 212 34235
Telefax: +49 (0)69 212 30731

Project description

Reason for planning
For the area known as “Friedrich garden center” a resolution was passed in 2002 to draw up “Legal Zoning Plan no. 858 – Living to the North of Günthersburgpark”. In 2011 a resolution adopted by the City Council made the project area specified in the legal zoning plan an integral part of a preliminary study relating to the implementation of an urban development measure.
On the one hand, as part of this preliminary study the urban development concept behind the legal zoning plan was revised and the overarching objectives of the master plan adapted. Among other things the latter envisages covering the A 661 interstate, thereby creating public parklands that extend uninterrupted from Günthersburgpark to Huthpark.
On the other, the study revealed that the urban development objectives of a possible development measure can also be achieved with an urban development contract with the owners of the land in question. For legal reasons this resulted in the geographical scope being deleted from the preliminary studies so that the project can be developed and realized via a legal zoning planning procedure.
Specifying the objectives of the realized project, a draft of a legal zoning plan in connection with an urban development contract was prepared. The urban development contract was concluded in September 2019. The draft of the legal zoning plan is currently awaiting approval to be presented to the public for inspection.

Development area

The development area is bordered in the northeast by Dortelweiler Strasse and in the southeast by a residential area on Comeniusstrasse. In the south and southwest the land adjoins Günthersburgpark. The City of Frankfurt Parks Department’s former workshops still stand in this section. The inner courtyard of this ensemble is currently being used for temporary nursery and school buildings. The land in the western and northwestern section of the geographical scope are used as allotments and a commercial garden center. The development area measures around 1.15 hectares.

Planning objectives
The legal zoning plan puts in place the conditions necessary for developing the land as attractive housing once it is no longer used as a garden center.
The new development will blend in with existing buildings by taking into account roof types and the height of buildings already standing on Dortelweiler Strasse.
The fact that the Park Department’s former workshops are no longer in use provides an opportunity in the immediate neighborhood for the large-scale unsealing of land in the entire area.
The new development will be open in the direction of Günthersburgpark, and the western and southern perimeters of the residential area will be an attractive thoroughfare.
The legal zoning plan establishes the legal basis for attractive public access for cyclists and pedestrians from Dortelweiler Strasse via the site to Günthersburgpark and vice versa.

Planning progress

July 2007
City executive proposal M 136 from 2007, legal zoning plan no. 858 – Living to the north of Günthersburgpark

March 2008
Resolution 3682 March 8, 2008 to draw up legal zoning plan no. 858 – Living to the north of Günthersburgpark

February 2011
Resolution 9550 adopted by the City Council on February 24, 2011 to commence preliminary studies relating to the implementation of an urban development measure in the area linking Frankfurt’s Bornhein and Seckbach districts with the Ernst May district

April 2016
City executive proposal M 80 from 2016 with amended urban development planning for legal zoning plan no. 858 – Living to the north of Günthersburgpark

February 2017
Resolution 1053 adopted by the City Council on February 23, 2017 to continue the legal zoning planning procedure with a new concept

September 2019
Conclusion of the urban development contract between the City of Frankfurt and the landowner

October 2019
Resolution adopted by the city executive (city executive proposal M 171) to submit for approval the draft of legal zoning plan no. 858 – Living to the north of Günthersburgpark

March 2020
Legal zoning plan No. 858 – Living to the north of Günthersburgpark – will be presented in the public domain from March 11 April 14, 2020 in order to ensure the participation and inclusion of the general public and the authorities.