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Lyoner Quarter

From office district to Lyoner Quarter

Offices, Housing
District: Local district:
5, 6
Size of area:
88 ha
Project management:

Mr. Matthias Genth
Telefon: +49 (0)69 212 44338
Telefax: +49 (0)69 212 30731

Project description

Reason for planning
The Bürostadt Niederrad district is faced with a high rate of vacant offices (totaling a gross floor area of some 250,000 – 300,000 square meters). To combat this problem, Frankfurt’s City Planning Department has devised a masterplan that illustrates ways in which the district’s mono-functional fabric can be transformed into a vibrant mixed-use urban district.  The first of its kind, this trailblazing project is attracting interest also among the experts.

Development district
Within the Frankfurt metropolitan region, Bürostadt Niederrad is centrally located between the airport and downtown and has excellent links to both interstate and LRT networks.

Its prime location in the city paired with the fact that existing developments alternate with extensive greens, and the proximity to the municipal forest and the Main River mean that Bürostadt Niederrad is highly attractive as a residential location.

Planning objectives
Basically, there are three options to establish new utilizations in the office district’s core zone, which measure no less than 88 hectares:

1. Converting parts of the vacant office spaces for new uses,

2. Demolishing vacant office buildings that for structural reasons cannot be converted and building new residential complexes,

3. Creating greater built densities.

The result will be a fabric of high-density blocks and loosely interspersed standalones with generous green areas. The broad range of properties is expected to attract a heterogeneous residential clientele who will find the district between the Main’s south bank and Frankfurt’s municipal forest perfectly suited to their needs.

In terms of urban fabric, the objective is to improve links both to the neighboring Goldstein and Alt-Niederrad districts as well as to the river and the municipal forest, while extending the network of pedestrian paths within the district itself. Another goal is to augment the utilities and the social facilities.

Prevailing opinion is that the restructuring of Bürostadt Niederrad into the “Lyoner Viertel” (as a modern business and residential district) will unleash substantial development potential. When it comes to upgrading and securing the future of “Lyoner Viertel” strategic private partners are required.

Present developments clearly underline the project’s success. The predicted potential for approx. 3,000 new dwellings was reached within the first six months of 2015 – the result of conversions, new builds and increasing the built density of existing properties. To date, clearly more than new 3,000 units have been built, are currently under construction, or are on the drawing board. Given the existence of additional available land we do not expect a decline in demand in the medium term.

Project Progress
In 2008, the Frankfurt-based architectural and planning firm bb22 devised a masterplan in collaboration with the City Planning Department. It is part of the Bürostadt Niederrad /Lyoner Viertel overall framework as published in the “Im Dialog” series of publications under the title “Von der Bürostadt zum Lyoner Viertel”. On June 28, 2012 the Municipal Authorities resolved on the basis of an amended and more specific masterplan for Lyoner Viertel to break up development plan no. 872 – Lyoner Strasse adopted in accordance with the resolution of March 25, 2010 into two separate development plans, namely no. 885 and no. 872.

Regarding the zone that has been taken out of development plan no. 885 “Hahnstrasse” the aim is to maximize favorable conditions that will enable the swift transformation of Bürostadt Niederrad into a residential location. Thanks to the existing amenities on Goldsteinstrasse and the social infrastructure already in place in the neighboring district of Niederrad, key conditions that will promote the shaping of a vibrant urban quarter are being met. Consultation events for the public (section 3 (2) BauGB) and the authorities (section 4 (2) BauGB) as part of the development plan procedure no. 885 were held between September 25 and October 28, 2013. The development plan no. 885 – Hahnstrasse – came into force with the public notice posted in the official register of the City of Frankfurt on November 11, 2014.

With a potential of approx. 1,200 residential units and additional services tailored to residential requirements the zone in question provides an ideal starting point for the subsequent advancement of the adjacent zones in the south and west as part of the overall development plan no. 872 “Lyoner Strasse”.

To swiftly lay the legal basis for planning, the development plan proposal no. 872 “Lyoner Strasse” was presented to the public in the period from September 30 to October 30, 2015. Accordingly, both the public (section 3 (2) BauGB) and the authorities (section 4 (2) BauGB) were duly given the opportunity to become involved in the planning.  

Information on the project published by the City Planning Department